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Sep 7

Written by: Diana West
Monday, September 07, 2015 6:32 AM 


In just two minutes, Geert Wilders, who leads PVV, the largest political party in the Netherlands, addresses the refugee-invasion crisis and what to do about it.

Transcript courtesy Gates of Vienna.

0:00   Hello everyone. In The Netherlands
0:02   We’re overloaded with asylum refugees.
0:06   It’s an invasion threatening our prosperity and our country.
0:14   The Hague blandly abandons us.
0:17   Premier Rutte keeps our borders wide open for fortune-hunters.
0:20   We must save our country.
0:23   Of course real refugees must be taken care of.
0:27   However, that must be done in the region itself,
0:30   not here.
0:33   The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, those sorts of rich countries,
0:36   take care of a meager couple of hundred refugees annually.
0:39   In The Netherlands, many thousands arrive every month.
0:45   That can no longer be done.
0:46   Every refugee costs us €36,000 annually.
0:52   They receive free medical care, a house,
0:55   government care.
0:57   Never have these people contributed a single cent to our economy.
1:00   Even so, billions are spent on them,
1:04   while our elderly are left out in the cold.
1:08   I can’t understand why we allow that.
1:12   Our borders must be closed.
1:17   We must send back every asylum seeker.
1:18   Only then will the flood stop.
1:20   Only then will unscrupulous smugglers lose their business.
1:25   Only then will no more people drown.
1:31   Let’s do what Australia does:
1:32   ”Send them all back”, send them all back.
1:36   Mr. Rutte doesn’t do that.
1:38   He neglects his duty.
1:40   Help the Party For Freedom save our country.
1:44   It’s time to close our borders.
1:48   It’s time to stand behind our own flag.
1:52   It’s time to stand up for The Netherlands.

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