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Oct 21

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 7:03 AM 

Earlier this year, I watched a video  via Refugee Resettlement Watch of Angela Davis meeting with "refugees" in Berlin. Listening to their grievances -- they had not received housing, access to good healthcare, etc. -- she thanked the "refugees," and went on to frame their "struggle" as "The Movement of the 21st century."  

Such loaded ideological language belies the "humanitarian" narrative that Leftist European Union officials (and US officials) are using to cloak a political agenda as fanatical, as unhinged as that of any Hitler, Stalin or Mao. No, they are not carting off Jews or dissidents by the million. This is "soft" totalitarianism (so far). But their schemes are no less grandiose. These officials, many of whom were incubated and hatched in Communist and Socialist cadres, are exercising their "soft" dictatorial powers to make "the West" disappear from the map of Europe and America.

As we have seen, their mechanism is to enfold hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men from the Middle and Near East and Africa and "redistribute" them throughout Europe (and push for spillover to the US). We can rub our eyes in disbelief, but that is what is going on. It is not hard to imagine the accelerating effects of family reunificiation and propagation. While there is growing pushback, with the exception of Hungary, there is no state-powered pushback.

No wonder Communist revolutionary Davis is down for this "struggle." It shows every sign of winning.

She said:

So, first of all, thank you so much for telling us about your experiences here and about the struggle around the school here.

We know that the demands were to create a community center, a cultural center that would be available to refugees, and. of course, the demands of the refugee movement are far vaster, because human beings deserve to be treated as  human beings. All human beings deserve jobs and housing and healthcare. So I want you to know that we are with you in your struggle, that we will take this information back to the United States and encourage people to suport you as you move forward.

As I was saying in the other meeting, the refugee movement is The Movement of the 21st century. It's The Movement that's challenging the effects of global capitalism. It's The Movement that is calling for civil rights for all human beings.

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