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Oct 21

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 8:59 AM 

Writing at, Paul Kersey makes an important link between two recent sets of political remarks -- political lectures, more accurately.

One was given in St Cloud, Minnesota by Governor Mark Dayton (Target heir, 1960s radical); the other was given in the central German town of Lohfelden by a local official named Walter Luebcke. As Kersey points out, the messages are interchangeable -- and, I would add, interchangeably Leftist.

And what is that message? In Montana and in Germany, citizens are being told by their elected officials that if they do not like the masses of immigrants from the Third World transforming their state or city respectively, they should leave.

Leave? It is hard to know which is more shocking: the animus or the synergy. 

Here are Gov. Mark Dayton's remarks (note the "news" headline that obediently styles the outrage as "Governor Dayton speaks out against discrimination"); here are Walter Luebcke's.

Leftists of the world unite -- oh, wait, they already did.


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