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Nov 9

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 09, 2015 5:40 AM 


Among the tens of millions of victims of Mao's Cultural Revolution were professors, intellectuals and others steeped in learning, culture, and traditions of free thought. Such people were attacked, publicly humiliated, forced to wear dunce caps, forced to recant, sent to prison, tortured, and/or even killed by rampaging terrorist legions of mainly students known as Mao's Red Guard.

Fast forward a generation or two to the current stage of our own very successful (if you are a Marxist) cultural revolution. The video (below), taken at my alma mater this week, would seem to offer a shocking glimpse of the kind of viscerally frenzied student rage that must have coursed through the Cultural Revolution period. The trigger in New Haven? As in Mao's China, it is freedom of expression that is the verboten thing: These perennially aggrieved non-white students are, to say the least, against it. Programmed with the revolutionary slogans of our day (and profanity), they verbally assault the hapless professor-husband of another professor, who in an email to students, had urged them to express themselves freely in their choice of Halloween costumes. 

Of course, that is "bad element" and "counterrevolutionary" -- at least. 

More sorry background here.

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