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May 22

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, May 22, 2008 5:53 AM 

Suzanne Fields writes:

Mr. Bush told a small group of Jewish, Palestinians and Israeli Arab students in Israel that they must be alert to the "poisonous" propaganda from state-owned radio and television stations in the Middle East that obstruct true peacemakers. He's right, of course. If we're serious about the pursuit of authentic peace, we must [also] be aware of the "sweet euphemisms" about radical Islam in American textbooks.

And not just serious about the pursuit of "authentic peace." If we're serious about preserving authentic freedom, we must do something about American textbook presentations of  Islam, both "radical" and other.  Here, via Family Security Matters, is "Islam in the Classroom," a five-part study by Gilbert T. Sewall of the American Textbook Council of the "sweet euphemisms" that pass for education on the subject of Islam in American schools. It is essential reading for concerned parents and citizens.

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