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Dec 9

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, December 09, 2015 5:02 AM 


Time magazine has chosen its "person of the year" -- Angela Merkel. For her role in triggering this late (last?) phase of the destruction of Europe, its peoples and the nation-state, she is not unworthy of the distinction; however, note the designation by which Time has recognized her: "Chancellor of the Free World."

Even Orwell would be staggered.

There is nothing "free" in Merkel's domain so much admired by Time and other media organs. In this domain she has ruled as thuggishly as a dictator, overturning treaties and customs, draining treasuries and rendering the citizens of Germany, and, as much as possible, wider Europe, into pawns, drones, to fit into an earth-sized blueprint of social engineering. What arises from Merkel's brave new plans to "redistribute" mainly male, mainly Islamic population blocs by the tens, no, the hundreds of thousands throughout the EU is a permanent European Union Reich of "Multiculturalism."

Backed by Europe's socialist leaders and unelected EU "high commissioners," Time's "Person of the Year" is thus eradicating already vestigial, indigenous European culture and society in the process. She is also incorporating the pathologies of Islam -- its law, its violence, its strife -- into these lands and cultures of Christendom (long undermined and borne into from within by Marx), further creating the permanent necessity of an ever-more-powerful, ever-more-invasive superstate to regulate all life and commerce.

And that's looking on the "bright side." Endless jihad inside the superstate is also a terrible likelihood.

The organs of obscenity, however, glisten and tear up over Merkel and her humanitarianism (nation-murder); her compassion (not for her own citizens); her sense of global responsibility (leaving her own towns and countryside defenseless). Such buzz words are the latest ideological banners to flutter over this hotspot of mass-manipulative totalitarianism, which, obscenely, Time presents to us as "the free world." How historically apt that it is an (East) German chancellor at its helm. To these organs of one-world-ism, however, the only proto-dictator to see on the stage is GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

For his rational, and, in this age of unreason, courageous, and, most to the point, patriotic call for a moratorium on Islamic immigration, the organs of obscenity are comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

I wrote to some partial extent about the sands of unreason on which the comparison collapses here.

But there is more to see besides unreason.

Tactically speaking, the political desperation of Trump's foes is evident. The same NYDN that mocked Trump as a "clown" for entering the presidential race  -

- has drastically shifted gears to tabloid-seriousness, resorting now to a faux-theological invocation of the evils of Hitler and ISIS alike.

(As discussed here, Hitler and Islam do mesh well, although for reasons that have nothing to do with counter-jihad measures of immigration control as advocated by Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and other Western leaders intent on saving the West in this latest historical cycle of expansionist Islam.)

Such coverage is homage to Trump's No. 1 slot in the polls, an indicator of the lengths to which foes will go to take his candidacy down.

Still, the most significant revelation is the role Trump seems to be assuming in the epic struggle between globalism and nationalism, collectivism and individual liberty.

Trump resonates with so many Americans, I believe, because he instinctively, almost innocently, articulates an American point of view, American reactions. This is not to suggest that all other politicians are un-American, or heedless of American interests. That is not at all the case. But far more than Donald Trump, they are shaped by or mindful of what we might think of as the Multicultual project. The ideology of "universalism." The Marx-infused underpinnings of the collectivist and globalist political movement.

Since this conditioning begins in kindergarten, intensifying to robotic extremes in higher education, it is not surprising to realize that even those who find their place on the right side of the political spectrum express themselves in terms of this same tightly blinkered outlook and its many demands and strictures. One of the main demands -- maybe the main demand -- is to maintain the ideological fiction that there exist no profound differences among peoples and cultures and religions. Theories of collectivism and globalism both depend upon this same Big Lie. Nations and the rights and liberties of the individual, from freedom of religion on down, are sacrificed to it.  

Enter Donald Trump. He doesn't buy it. He wants to build a wall. This would not only save American jobs, but also our English-speaking culture, freezing further U.S. evolution into becoming the northern tip of Latin America. He wants a moratorium on Islamic immigration. This would not only prevent more jihadists from legally entering the country, such as the San Bernardino killers, but would also stop the further import of a sharia-adherent demographic.

These are measures that would not only protect America as it flourished under the Constutution, but -- and this important -- they would also begin to redefine it as it flourished under the Constitution. To the global collective, such national definition is anathema. The very notion of re-defining an American identity that is not global in nature  -- and not subsumed by Latin America or markedly Islamic -- is also to reject the bases of the one-world, UN-style collective, and maybe even forestall the ultimate stages of the Multicultural project -- to stand and breathe and thrive apart from it.

Little wonder the ideological Left and the Left-inculcated Right hate Trump so much. He seems to be rekindling an American spirit, along with old-fashioned trappings of borders and boundaries, thought to be dead and gone. Naturally -- to borrow from a famous global collectivist of yore -- they want to bury him. Smear him as a racist, another Hitler. Praise their creature Merkel as "chancellor of the free world." Huff and puff and smoke and burn.

It's not working.

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