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Dec 16

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 6:24 AM 

Fear makes blackguards out of bullies. It makes them behave in disgraceful ways. As they see their thuggish dominance dissipate, their thrones of lies lurch and topple, they rage, they spit, they dribble. They lash out, and always at the best of their opponents. The patriot. The one whose example inspires others. 

So it is with the vials of acid barely disguised as news stories being hurled from all around the polluted-mainstream media at national security expert Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy. Why? For Frank Gaffney's unceasing campaign to alert and inform Americans and particularly our lawmakers, whose sworn duty it is to protect our Constitution, about the totalitarian perils of the legal, political, religious system codified in Islam as sharia, or Islamic law. Why now? For his campaign's great success.  

As jihad attacks recur with greater frequency and proximity -- and predictably so -- the Kabuki antics of Washington's elites, mass-acting to exorcise something as imaginary and nonsensical as "extremism," are unmasked as fakery and, even worse, submission. As GOP candidates follow Donald Trump's "politically incorrect" lead in breaking the seal of silence around these national security matters of existential urgency, Frank Gaffney's labors to popularize and disseminate analysis of and sources on sharia, on the Muslim Brotherhood, on Islamization, on jihad, are being recognized as invaluable and essential.

Curses upon him, say the Left. They sense the end of their soothing Islamic apologetics in honest and open discussions of jihad and dhimmitude. Maybe they hear the death knell for the whole universalist, collectivist, one-world enterprise -- assuming logic, survival instincts and patriotism have not yet been thoroughly stamped out in the land. And so, they shoot their poisonous blowdarts at Gaffney. In true Leninist-Alinskyite fashion, they seek to demonize and isolate the voice cutting through their own agit prop. 

"The Islamophobe behind Ted Cruz," fulminates Dana Milbank in the Washington Post.

"The Islamophobe behind Trump's Hate," gnashes Michelle Goldberg in Slate.

 "Cruz Praises Trump's Favorite Islamophobe," fumes the Daily Beast.

You get the idea. 

I provide only headlines but the articles themselves are no more substantive. They string together buzz-words and bullet-fragments designed to demonize Frank Gaffney in order to serve notice on everyone else. Tell the truth about sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood, and this will happen to you.  

But something seems different. These hysterics ring hollow  The smears reek of panic. The Left is scurrying to re-establish control of the public square, scrubbing it clean of unmentionable facts about Islam, so many of which Frank Gaffney has done so much to help spread. Where once upon an unhappy time for our country cries of "Islam is a religion of peace" dinned out all, hoarse shrieks of "Islamophobe" pierce stale air. 

It is too late.

The conspiracy of silence is over.


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