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Dec 24

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, December 24, 2015 6:35 AM 

Then there's Hillary Clinton and her insane, media-fired efforts to play the combatively aggrieved female, a woman affronted on behalf of all womanhood, cis to trans, for being the subject of a passive sentence improbably resuscitated by the past participle "schlonged."

As in -- for that remaining sliver of the Western world that has not heard -- Hillary "got schlonged" by Obama in the 2008 Democratic primaries. So sayeth Donald Trump, inimitably, but not, it turns out, uniquely. On the occasion of Geraldine Ferraro's death in 2011, an NPR host used this same vernacular to describe what happened in 1984 to Mondale-Ferraro on challenging Reagan-Bush. They got "schlonged," too.

Coarsening public diction (in a political season in which so many establishment voices have already covered themselves in toxic mud) aside: Hillary Clinton, now simultaneously withering and blistering in the face of Trump's dread "sexism," is surely the single most "schlonged" woman in American history by her own husband.

Only the insane could not see this, so we must now to add to the rolls of insanity her campaign team, her supporters, her media, such as the New York Times, which notes without question:

Mrs. Clinton’s aides could barely believe their good fortune. Mr. Trump had just given them new fodder to galvanize women behind her candidacy — and they used it.

“We are not responding to Trump,” Mrs. Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, responded to Mr. Trump, almost gleefully, on Twitter. “But everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should,” she added, tacking on the campaign’s girl-power hashtag #ImWithHer.

Good sputtering is wasted on a response so disconnected from reality, so dead to the epic humiliation and degradation that Bill Clinton -- trasher, user, harasser, raper of women and, of course, president of the United States -- inflicted on all of us. 

When Bill and Hillary Clinton both decided to tough out the shame of exposure (not to mention the suborning of perjury, the lying under oath that led to Clinton's richly deserved disbarment), they created their lasting legacy: the normalization of shamelessness, a lexicon of truly "degrading language," and, worst of all given the corruption of innocence, a spike in oral sex as a recreational activity of the young. What old Bill Clinton did to young Monica Lewinsky while discussing the movement of US troops to Bosnia on the telephone with US Rep. Sonny Callahan in the Oval Office (look it up), he did to the presidency itself and the American people both, not to mention America's sons and daughters in uniform, polluting US history in the process.  

That's humiliation. It's also just the beginning of Predator Bill's rap sheet (Paula, Katheleen, Juanita, Gennifer ...) that Faux Feminist Hillary accepted and protected with her whole life, valuing Bill's political rise -- as the engine of own -- as more precious than anything else on earth. It is this decision -- one Hillary Clinton has had to make again and again -- to shelter Bill's abuse of women within the public shield of their marriage that betrays her own moral bankruptcy. She will sacrifice anything to the altar of public power. Surely, this renders her morally unfit for high office before we even look at her political offenses.

Meanwhile, just wondering: What was it that the potential First Gentleman was doing on those dozen-plus flights on the "Lolita Express," the private jet of convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein? 

Presidential polls currently show Hillary Clinton besting my candidate, Donald Trump, the candidate of borders, the nation-state, the American people, and a moratorium on Islamic immigration, by 2 to 10 points, so who's really crazy?

Here's hoping the American people take the cure.

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