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Jan 3

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 03, 2016 7:14 AM 

It wasn't long enough to rate as vanWinklen, but it was nearly as deep and now it's (pop) over.

Three items.

1) Catching up, I find myself in very fine company as one of Jack Cashill's "The Outstanding Cultural Warriors of 2015." My ticket is my 2013 book, American Betrayal, which Jack Cashill has earlier quite extravaganly compared with Witness, writing "I have a whole library of books on communism, but -- "Witness" excepted -- this may be the best." Now, he writes: 

In her dazzling book “American Betrayal,” West made a powerful case that the FDR White House, led by fifth columnist Harry Hopkins, adopted a Soviet-first posture throughout World War II. Given that the left could care less about history, West spent much of the last year defending her thesis against antagonists on the respectable right.

2) John L. Work scanned the horizon and noticed the same media-political complex locking shields to protect Islam/mass illegal immigration/invasion from Donald Trump is at work in France, shutting down Corsican street protests against the local Islamic colony's quaint custom, now prevalent across much of the continent of Europe, of attacking police and firemen with iron rods and the like. (In Sweden, for example Molotov cocktails, also hand grenades are weapons of choice, but perhaps they're more advanced, Islamically speaking.)

The news viedo below about Corsica is vital viewing. Sure, Fox News and the rest of the MSM are focusing on Iranian v. Saudi clashes, but French/Muslim v. Corsican clashes are what are directly relevant to our own veritable clash of civilizations, not Islamic intra-mural machinations. 

For years, we have been told to "pay attention to the Arab Street." From Dresden (PEGIDA) to Geidermasen (Netherlands) to Corsica -- I am wondering if 2016 will turn out to the Year of the Anti-Islamic "Street"? A decade ago, I suggested 2006 would be the Year of Speaking Dangerously -- no great act of prognostication -- but it's worth marking how much liberty we have lost since then. Free speech was not defended by free governments: on the contrary, free governments ceded free speech, but even that has not been enough. They have ceded territory, warriors, women's safety, city centers, customs, rights, flags ... Does it end in the "street"? Remember Jeff Nyquist's formulation in a related discussion: "It is a war against our ancestors and against our posterity which is waged by our present leaders."       

Watch everything very carefully and through the widest possible lens. More and more we will be seeing this same media-political complex, the pure expression of the universalist/multicultural collective, upholding and executing the undermining, the destruction of the nation-state and its peoples. 

3) On that happy note, I observe that Gates of Vienna, for which I remain truly grateful, kindly posted my Trump endorsement column, which, stunningly, received over 17,000 comments at Breitbart News over Christmas week.

The posting ends with some spine-tingling thoughts from Dymphna. 


Brent Bozell’s endorsement of Ted Cruz last week has probably changed by now. Cruz came out a few days ago with a bizarre “altar call” sure to turn away not only the non-Christians in this country, but also a sizeable block of Christians who deeply abhor the mixing of politics and religion in public. I number myself among those who are turned off, embarrassed for the man, and deeply suspicious of this public move. Even Jesus warned that when you wanted to pray, retire to your room to do so in private. I’m sure y’all can find that scriptural reference, right? [Hint: it’s just a bit after Matthew Five. Chapter Five Matthew is considered by some exegetes to be the Christian Constitution. Kind of.]

My guess? Cruz’ strange shout-out was part of the RNC’s timetable to have him fall on his sword precisely here; in other words, it’s about timing. This whole farce was choreographed a long time ago. Thus, Cruz’ funding will dry up and he will blow away sooner rather than later. This is all part of a larger RNC plan to reduce, one-by-one, the hordes ‘running’ for president. There are timed devices lying in wait for all the other contenders — and there are rewards waiting too. Everyone slowly falls by the wayside, leaving only, [ta da!] Bush. Their main problem will be keeping their boy Bush awake long enough to make his acceptance speech. I haven’t accounted for surprise pop-ups, e.g., Paul Ryan, but methinks he’s biding his time, given his current power in the House.

And those stories you’ve been seeing about Hillary’s shaky physical condition? Look for those to disappear as the year gets older. She may even make appearances in her suddenly refurbished SuperWoman cape.

The final battle was decided some time ago: Hillary <—> Bush. Hillary is desperate to win: her many crimes during her tenure as Secretary of State have a six-year statute of limitations. She wins and that clock vanishes. Thus she will do whatever she is told to do. Bush? Meh. He wins and the program still goes on as planned among the crony capitalists, crooks, and other bottom-feeders (law firms, lobbyists, and assorted leeches) who are busy hollowing out our country.

More to come in 2016. 


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