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Jan 9

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, January 09, 2016 4:24 PM 

Anti-Islam PEGIDA demo in Cologne

Some comments of mine in a recent report at on the Islamic war on women that erupted across Europe on New Year's Eve:

Conservative commentator Diana West also pins the responsibility squarely on Merkel.

“History should remember Angela Merkel as the German chancellor who imported Tahrir Square into Germany,” said West. “I don’t know how better to describe the literal and symbolic events of New Year’s Eve – which we now learn were not confined to Cologne. The official response is surreal – negation, management, investigation – all very much ‘life goes on,’ even as one city councilor has declared Cologne city center, which includes the city’s landmark cathedral, a no-go-zone for women.”

West believes German officials are quite willing to tolerate these attacks as long as they can continue to undermine the separate nation-states of the European Union.

“‘Mama’ Merkel created the conditions for these attacks by quite literally inviting hundreds of thousands of mainly Muslim men into Europe,” West said. “Her promises of a socialist paradise in Germany and elsewhere in EU are part of a new phase of the Left’s long-term attack on the nation-state.”

Geller identifies the German government’s fanatical desire to conceal and downplay crimes by migrants as an act of self-preservation for themselves, but not for their people.

“If governments spoke about immigrant crime, they would be indicting their own immigration policies,” Geller alleged. “Their silence is self-serving, short-sighted, and ultimately suicidal for their societies.”

Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” also slammed German bureaucrats for what she sees as their willingness to put the image of Islam over public safety.

“It seems that everyone has decided that protecting Islam’s image is paramount, and trumps every other concern,” Geller said. “Who decided this, and why the entire leftist establishment has fallen into lockstep, remains a mystery.”

But West, who diagnosed the cultural sickness rotting Western Civilization in her book “The Death of the Grown-Up,” says the leaders of the West know exactly what they are doing.

“I believe Merkel and other world leaders suppress facts in full knowledge of them in service of their socialistic ideology,” West opined. “As the infamous NYT journalist Walter Duranty wrote, ‘you have to break eggs to make an omelet.’ This was Duranty’s appalling rationalization of the Soviet dictatorship’s forced famine policies in the Ukraine in the early 1930s. Even though Stalin’s policies killed at least as many people as Hitler’s Holocaust, Duranty denied these deaths were even taking place.

“Today, the authorities seem to have an uncannily similar outlook. I think they accept this latest stage of violence and dislocation imposed on the indigenous European populations through the introduction of a huge Muslim male population. They see it as a necessary step on their fanatical drive to forced diversity.”

And West warns European governments will use Muslim violence as an excuse to crack down on their own people.

“They won’t protect their peoples and repel the invaders, of course,” West said grimly. “Instead, the Merkels of the world will adapt to this violent and dangerous society they have created by expanding their surveillance and militaristic state powers. Only with the expanded state will society function even minimally. And along the way, the rights and status of citizens will wither away.”

West sees the willingness of Western leaders to blame their own populations for Muslim violence as a sign freedom of speech and political dissent will be repressed.

“This is no futuristic vision,” she warned. “It is already well under way.”

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