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Mar 8

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, March 08, 2016 4:59 AM 

This chart based on US Census figures and produced by the US Senate in January 2016, estimates that the immigrant population residing in the USA to be a staggering 42.4 million.

It already looks way out-of-date.

A new report from CIS indicates that an even more staggering 61 million immigrants (plus their children) live in the United States today. This means that nearly one in five people in the USA are immigrants, three quarters of whom are legal. While our leaders sworn to uphold the Constitution and defend the United States all look the other way, population-replacement is getting closer to a done deal. Can it be halted, reversed? Can it even be slowed?

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who wants to try. In response to these staggering new figures for foreign legions in our midst -- and to a bank-breaking extent, under taxpayers' care -- Trump released the following statement promising to get legal immigration numbers "under control."

This fits neatly into Trump's mission: the border wall, ending illegal immigration, limiting or halting legal immigration, protecting American trade and manufacturing, and, of course, imposing a moratorium on Muslim immigration -- an urgently needed measure to halt the import of sharia demographics plus Tahrir Squares, as seen in the epidemic of sexual assaults on women and children across Europe. Note that in the past five years alone, the US has awarded green cards to 680,000 migrants from Muslim countries.

Note also that candidates Cruz and Rubio both favor expanding and streamlining legal immigration.


Record rates of immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for U.S. workers. Pew polling shows 83 percent of all voters – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – think immigration should be frozen or reduced.

The biggest beneficiaries of allowing fewer foreign workers into our country would be minority workers, including all immigrants now living here, who are competing for jobs, benefits and community resources against record waves of foreign workers. Limiting job competition would reopen pathways to middle-class stability and shrink welfare rolls. In addition, it would relieve overcrowding in our schools and hospitals that afflict our poorest communities.

Yet, Senators Cruz and Rubio have led the charge for even higher immigration rates – a policy supported by only 7 percent of the Republican electorate.

When I am President we will listen to the people – not the special interests – and get immigration numbers under control, as the voters have demanded.


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