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Mar 15

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 4:18 AM 

C. Boyden Gray


Part 11 is here.

Part 10 of the "Post-Constitutional Election" series opens this way:

Just when we thought our fellow Americans, voting in droves in the early primaries not for Jeb Bush, had prevailed through the ballot box against the rigged wheels and multi-millions of the permanent insiders of Bush, Inc., we find that Jeb Bush's finance committee has attached itself, leech-like, to "outsider" Ted Cruz.

And vice-versa.

On March 3, eight former members of the Jeb! team joined the Cruz campaign:

Paul Dickerson of Houston, TX 

C. Boyden Gray of Washington, DC  

Charles Foster of Houston, TX

Reginald J. Brown of Washington, DC

Paula and Jim Henry of Midland, TX

Nancy and Randy Best of Dallas, TX.

Then along came Neil -- the Silverado-Asian-call-girl-Billy-Carter-by-way-of-Kennebunkport-bad-news-bailout-brother of Jeb and George W., who once upon a time found himself in the semiconductor business with the son of the former dictator of China, Jiang Zemin. Now he occupies a top slot in the Cruz organization....

To begin to understand what all of this might mean, Part 10 highlights point man Charles Foster, a Houston superlawyer who specializes and promotes "global immigration solutions" -- read: shamnesty, etc. Why would Cruz, campaigning as an tough-minded immigration-restrictionist, ramp up his campaign finance committee with Mr. Global Immigration Solutions?

I think the answer, as the record indicates, is that Cruz is a natural globalist who has only campaigned in nationalist territory to try to stay competitive with the only natural nationalist running for president, Donald Trump.

Let's now turn to another Jeb!-veteran now on the Cruz finance team, C. Boyden Gray. A Bush-insider and career globalist, Gray offers more than the crown-jewel-credentials of a leading member of "the Washington cartel" that Cruz likes to rail about. Gray has jumped into an active role campaigning for "outsider" Cruz. Just last weekend, Gray appeared at an event with Cruz at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, also working the line for Cruz outside the DC GOP primary.

With this high profile comes more "global immigration solutions" and free trade baggage, lots of it -- and specifically when it comes to the blazing hot buttons of this campaign season, Gang of 8 and TPP.

For example, C. Boyden Gray sits on the board of directors of the Atlantic Council, which, last October, greeted the sovereignty-crushing Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as a victory. 

That strikes me as quite significant.

Remember, before Trump's candidacy, Ted Cruz was a strong supporter of the fast track trade powers (TPA) that TPP, which Cruz says he opposes, requires. (See Sessions-aide-turned-Trump-adviser Stephen Miller on "The Moment Ted Cruz Threw in with the Globalists" here.)  

Gray also sits on the board of the 501(c)3 organization, American Action Forum, whose political arm is the pro-amnesty American Action Network, which, as Mark Krikorian noted in 2013, featured amnesty advocate former Commerce Secretary Carlos Guttierez in its pro-amnesty commercial push.

In 2015, as noted by Erick Erickson (examples of whose depraved anti-Trump rhetoric are included in The Right's Trump Lexicon here), the Forum's political arm, American Action Network sponsored a series of ads attacking conservative congressmen who refused to fund Obama's executive amnesty.

What would attract someone demonstrably like Gray to someone apparently like Cruz?

In other words -- as I asked in Part 10 about Houston "global immigration solutions" superlawyer Charles Foster -- what does Bush family loyalist Boyden Gray get out of raising funds and campaigning on behalf of the supposedly anti-TPP, anti-amnesty Ted Cruz -- the thrill of being on a presidential campaign? 

I think not.






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