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Mar 21

Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 21, 2016 5:56 AM 

They both want to stop Trump through their own brands of activism that lie outside the normal political process -- "by any means necessary," at least as differently defined inside their own spheres of influence.

Take GOPe. No one better personifies a Republican/conservative "establishment" voice than the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol. He is now actively organizing what he calls a two-track process to block Trump's road to the nomination. Likely failing at Track 1 -- the primary process where Trump is winning -- Kristol has announced a switch to Track 2-- creating a third party to try to deny Trump the nomination or later the presidency. Never mind if Trumps becomes the actual choice of actual voters in actual Republican primaries. The democratic process, including the vote as engaged in by millions of Americans selecting a Republican nominee, is not paramount to GOPe, not if they can figure out some technical or political run around it. Meanwhile, the back room lives.

Mijente has the exact same idea, if different means. Calling itself "the national hub for Chicanx and Latinx organizing," Mijente is one of the primary groups that seeks to block Trump and the voters more literally. 

Earlier this month, it was a Mijente member, University of Illinois graduate student, and member of UIC Graduate Employees Organization, Local 6297, who wrote the petition that helped publicize the Chicago shutdown planned and executed by a coalition of hard Left groups (list here). His name is Jorge Mena Robles, and he describes himself as being "undocumented & queer."

Last weekend in Arizona, it was a Mijente field director, Jacinta Gonzalez (picture in Mijente t-shirt above), who attached her neck to a car in an effort to block the road to the Trump rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona.      

Gonzalez, who was born in Mexico, is an American citizen and attended Wesleyan University. More interestingly, as the Daily Mail reported, Jacinta Gonzalez Goodman was a 2011 Soros Justice Fellow, as described here at the Open Society Foundations website.

As such open borders agitators allege racism, etc., it is worth noting that participation in Mijente's kick-off event last October was for Hispanics only.




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