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Jun 21

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, June 21, 2016 8:59 AM 

Ed Cline (above), a good friend and also supporter of American Betrayal, is the patriot on the ISIS kill list who needs help.

The story below conveys the essential details of this real-life trauma in the actual life of an American citizen, circa 2016, but the effect is surreal, dystopic. It is happening here, and we are discovering that we are now and perhaps for all time powerless to stop it. 

Surely, though, we can help our fearless compatriot in his time of need.

From Western Rifle Shooters Association blog by Matt Bracken:

Ed Cline is an Air Force veteran, a prolific author [Edward Cline – Wikipedia], essayist and counter-jihadist who was recently informed by the FBI that he is an ISIS kill list. He, in turn, informed his landlord out of general consideration, and he was then promptly told that he would be evicted from his apartment building in Virginia, for the danger that his presence might bring to the other residents. This demand by his lily-livered landlord will not be rescinded, and now Ed has decided, like Davy Crockett, to up-stakes and light out to Texas. Ed is not a youngster; he was born in Pennsylvania in 1946, and the forced move is coming at a difficult time financially.

I think that at times like this, we need to pull together, and help a fellow patriot get through a rough patch. Here is how Ed described his predicament:

“On May 18th, I was visited by the FBI/NCIS and told by the agent that my blog site, Rule of Reason, and I were on the ISIS radar, but that I was in no imminent danger of attack. The chances were minimal to nil.

Nevertheless, after I informed my landlord of this as a matter of courtesy, the landlord chose instead to evict me from my apartment, claiming, quite irrationally, that my presence posed a “risk” to the safety of all the other tenants. So I had to go. The landlord said I had to be out of the apartment by July 1st, relented and changed the date to July 31st, and then reneged on that and repeated the June 19th date. There was no arguing with the landlord, as her mind was completely closed to reason. I am definitely moving — to Texas — as [Virginia]’s landlord/tenant laws favor the landlord, who doesn’t even need to give a reason (which is not cited in her three eviction notices). She in effect was acting like a proxy ISIS agent, throwing me under the bus for the most ludicrous of reasons. My safety and well-being were of no concern to her. In conversations with her, she didn’t like either my characterization of Muslim women as “brood mares” (there are Muslims living on the development property). 

Daniel Greenfield wrote a wonderful defense of me on Front Page (“What Happened to One Air Force Veteran Threatened by ISIS”) and two radio talk shows expressed an interest in my situation. As Greenfield remarks, ISIS doesn’t need to “target” me for violence; the landlord has done it for them.”

A friend of his established a Go Fund Me page for his expenses, called “Patriot on The Homeless Brink”. Click here to support Patriot on the Homeless Brink.

A more complete description of Ed’s dire situation and predicament can be found here at Gates of Vienna under the title “ISIS Will ‘Kill You Strongly’. 

Let’s all throw a few bucks towards Ed Cline’s relocation expenses – what do you say? 

There is also a post office box [details to follow] for those who prefer to mail checks or other paper assets. 


Matt Bracken

It's the least we can do.


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