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Jul 6

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 06, 2016 2:39 AM 

Of course, "FBI Director" Comey will not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. But that is not what is worst about this latest wretched day in American history. 

What child, what babe, what fuzzy bunny ever expected that he would? Who among us examined the facts of the case as they emerged and rested assured that Justice would be done -- that is, done blindly, with no special-case, extra-stretchy, wink-wink regard for the Clintons?

One law for thee and me and one law for the Clintons and ilk, and who doesn't know it. That is the greatest offense, and it's nothing new. Just think "Banana Republic." Just think Soviet regime -- but please, spare us the "American exceptionalism." Even if the strong man who comes to mind wears a uniform, not a blinding pants suit, much is the same.  

Once upon a time this was shocking -- I do remember being devastated nearly twenty years ago by the perfidy of Trent Lott's Senate when they show-trialed Bill Clinton's impeachment charges. "Henry, you're not going to dump this garbage on us," Lott, we later found out, told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde on meeting with the 13 House Managers to discuss the Senate "trial." Then, as now, the establishment (party i.d. irrelevant) was fighting for what it prizes most -- its prerogatives. It won. 

It always does (another reason the anti-estabishment advent of Trump so electrifies us masses).

Another milestone of note (there are so many) came in 2009 when Hillary Clinton came before the Senate in confirmation hearings on her appointment as Secretary of State. She was  already encumbered with the heavy baggage (tens of millions in Islamic dictators' money, etc.) that instantly and emphatically disqualified her for the position. The Senate closed its eyes and voted  94-2 (thanks again, Sens. DeMint and Vitter).

Yesterday was no different. The Dictatorship of the Clintonariat rules.






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