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Jul 22

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 22, 2016 3:44 PM 


The Post-Constitutional Election, Part 23 is here.


The following is not a joke -- at least not in the sense of being meant as something other than deadly serious.  

It is "news analysis" by Julia Preston of the New York Times (via

Headline: "For Trump, an America That Is Not a Nation of Nations." 

The story concerns Trump's convention speech -- not the electric effect it had on Trump supporters but rather its "darker language," "dark hyperbole," "nativist" message, that kind of thing. So distasteful to elites. She writes: "He dwelled on the murders of Kate Steinle and Sarah Root, Americans who were killed by illegal border crossers with criminal records" (emphasis added).

But here is what really gives Preston, her editors and their readers the heebeejeebees.

She writes:

Under his presidency, the American dream would be primarily reserved for Americans.

Excellent analysis! In fact, it is amazing to see this anti-Trump-animating thought set forth in plain language.The potential reinstatement of the nation-state is what terrifies the Left and large swaths of the Right more than anything else. They were that close to its ultimate extinction and a borderless globe.

Make America Great Again -- before it's too late.


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