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Aug 1

Written by: Diana West
Monday, August 01, 2016 9:40 AM 


Watch around Minute 8 to see Allen rationalize Muslim-on-infidel "insider attacks" as resulting from Ramadan fasting, bad weather and "operational tempo."


Ret. Marine Gen. and former ISAF commander John R. Allen, who spoke for Hillary Clinton at the DNC convention last week, has now taken on the role of Clinton campaign surrogate to attack Donald Trump for having "no credibility."

Let's talk about credibility -- Allen's.

Allen is a lot more than square shoulders and four stars. He is 1) a perfect exemplar of dhimmitude, an Islamic apologist extraordinaire, one who has even rationalized the murders of his own men by Muslim "insider attacks" (see below);  2) Allen stands as tall as a moral midget, "exonerated" by a Pentagon IG in much the same way as Hillary Clinton was "exonerated" by the FBI.

In a normal world, such a man would be shunned by any respectable politician seeking public support. But this is not a normal world, and Hillary Clinton is not a respectable politician. In many ways, they complement each other perfectly.    

Allen's sordid entanglement in the Petraeus-Broadwell-Kelley-Allen sex scandal alone should have barred him from political centerstage, tainted as he is by the appearance, also by evidence, of impropriety, not to mention extremely bad, potentially dangerous judgement. In Clintonworld, however, the m.o. of all public shamelessness is Brazen It Out. Didn't the Pentagon clear Allen of misconduct? Didn't the FBI director clear Clinton of misconduct? Didn't the Senate clear Bill Clinton of misconduct? Brazen it out. Smile, point, and eye-pop; or, if you are of military background, turn on that steely gaze. 

But what do We, the People look back at? While overseeing the war in Afghanistan, Allen wrote numerous "racy and flirtacious" emails to a red-flag-waving "Tampa socialite" named Jill Kelley. How many emails? The Pentagon refuses to release its report on the matter, pulling the figleaf of "privacy" over those sensitive 21 pages. According to Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), who was briefed by the Pentagon IG's office in June of 2013 -- six months after the Pentagon IG gave Allen a clean bill of professional and ethical health -- Allen and Kelley exchanged 3,000 emails on his government account in just two years.  

Shockingly, as Speier then discovered, the Pentagon failed to examine Allen's emails to Kelley on his private email account. 

We start to see how much Hillary and the General have in common.

From the USA Today story:

The inspector general told Speier that Allen and Kelley exchanged 3,000 e-mails from July 2010 to July 2012 on his government account. Allen served at Central Command from 2008 until July 2011 when he became the top commander in Afghanistan. Of those e-mails, 41 were reviewed more thoroughly, Speier was told.

"So that's two years,1,500 e-mails a year," Speier said. "I don't think I communicate with my husband by e-mail more than 150 times a year. That's a lot of e-mails. This is a four-star general in the middle of a war zone. The most disturbing part of my discussion with them was that they requested access to his private e-mail and were denied access and took it no further."

Access to Allen's private e-mail is critical, she said. Petraeus and Broadwell used private accounts to communicate, and Allen's must be examined as well.

Elsewhere in the USA Today article, Speier said:

"The fact that they didn't even pursue accessing the private e-mails is very disturbing to me ... Because it would suggest that it was an incomplete investigation at the very least. At the worst: (they were) intentionally not pursuing an investigation into whether or not there was an inappropriate relationship, secrecy, national-security breaches. Classified information."

Another Washington whitewash. Thus cleansed, however, Allen declined to take the coveted post in Europe to lead NATO forces that Obama offered him. Instead, he retired, citing his wife's health, which, fortunately, did not stop him from spending over a year as Obama's "special envoy" to defeat ISIS (or something), laying out a wondrous, fabulous, genius policy to triumph over the Islamic group by showing "our deep respect" for Islam -- and celebrating it, too.

Allen put it as well as any lifelong dhimmi:

“As we seek to expose Da’esh’s true nature, we must also tell a positive story, one that highlights our respect – our profound respect for Islam’s proud traditions, its rich history, and celebration of scholarship and family and community. We must work with clerics and scholars and teachers and parents to tell the story of how we celebrate Islam, even as we show that Da’esh perverts it.”

Allen learned his Islamic apologetics well in Afghanistan -- or, as Allen calls it in the various apology videos that mark his tenure as ISAF commander, "Off-gone-ee-stawn." He learned to be "contrite," in the words a McLatchey report on Allen and the release of Taliban detainees. He learned to overlook Muslim rampaging over burning Korans;  he even learned to rationalize Muslim murders of his own infidel soldiers -- even while writing an average of 4 or more emails to Jill Kelley per day (likely even more, if we could count Allen's private email account).

As Allen explained the situation (see following Minute 8 of the video above), Islam wasn't the inspiration; Taliban infiltration wasn't even a main issue. Regarding ten recent attacks on Christian NATO soldiers by Muslim Afghan soldiers, Allen said the following in August 2012:

Why they have increased in number in the last several weeks may have something to do with Ramazan [sic]. It’s a very tough time for these forces, and, in particular, this year, Ramadan, as it's known in most of the Muslim world, Ramadan fell in the middle of the fighting session, during some of harshest time for the climate in much of region in which we fight. So, the daily pressures that are on some of these troops, compounded by the sacrifice associated with fasting; the nature of our operational tempo, remembering that Afghan troops have gone to the field and stayed in the field ... We believe that the combination of many of these particular factors may have come together during the last several weeks to generate the larger number you point to.

Daily pressures of fasting, weather, and "operational tempo" have "generated" this "larger number"....

Is this how an American general talks about American sons killed on their own US bases? By forces drawn  from what Allen frequently sucky-ups to as "the noble people of Off-gone-ee-stawn"?

Has a US commander ever sunk so low? American troops are being shot all around him by their "noble" allies, and Allen absolves the murderers of their volition, plus any ideological motivation. In so doing, he is, of course, white-washing Islam -- specifically, the mainstream, classical imperative of jihad against the infidel -- from the list of motives for these attacks. As ISIS-defeat-envoy, he would do the same thing, similarly whitewashing Islam of its animating role in the Islamic State -- any Islamic state.

How medacious; how corrupt. "Credibility," Clinton-style.


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