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Aug 11

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, August 11, 2016 4:58 AM 

The MSM is openly organized as Clinton 2016 General HQ. We know that.

For a reality check, just imagine if Donald Trump's campaign manager ever sat on the board of a company that "bagged $35 million from Putin-connected Russian govnt fund"  -- as did Hillary's campaign manager, John Podesta. (Podesta's lobbyist brother, Tony, does all right in Putinworld, too.)

Or, if Donald Trump approved the sale of 20 percent of US uranium deposits to Putin's Russia -- as SecState Hillary Clinton did.

Or, if a witness against Donald Trump turned up dead by "crushed windpipe" just before testifying against him (as did UN official John Ashe, a witness about to testify in a Clinton-linked bribery case).

Or, if a well-known anti-Trump researcher was found shot, as Victor Thorn was; or, if, instead of the unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, strongly intimated by Julian Assange to have been the source of the massive DNC email leak demonstrating the DNC's Clinton Fix, we were looking at the unsolved murder of an RNC staffer thought to have leaked information derogatory to Trump.

The media feeding frenzy would not in one million years end.  

Besides blacking out such stories, however, the media are engaged in a massive campaign of deception to boost the creaking lame and criminal Hillary. 

This includes such crude acts as the photoshopped image (above) that The Hill published on Twitter to create the fiction that Hillary Clinton is drawing giant, Trump-like crowds. 

Another more pernicious tactic is featuring Crony Clintonistas -- #NeverTrumpers, too -- as non-aligned political commentators and security experts.

To put this one over, the media have to hide their guests' affiliations, even including relationships that involve salaries and pay-offs, to various appendages of the Clinton machine.

Valerie Plame is a prime example.

Plame is a former CIA agent who strenuously opposes Trump. As a member of Global Zero, she is also a vocal, if not melodramatic proponent of the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump denounces.

More to the point, she is also the wife of Joseph Wilson, a former Bill Clinton administration official who has reaped and reaped major sums of money as a high-level Bill/Hill Clinton crony-capiltalist, as laid out in Clinton Cash and elsewhere. 

Plame, however, pops up on our tv screens denoucning Trump as former CIA only --  as though her husband did not have that first class seat on the Clinton gravy train.

Another CIA figure who is making the MSM rounds cleansed of his Clinton ties is former acting CIA director Michael Morell.

Morell is one weird dude -- more trained seal than trained analyst, setting forth ever-changing policy du jour -- as Patrick Poole makes clear here.

But while a Charlie Rose will coo over Morell's leaving with a network to appear as a Hillary surrogate, no one including Morell will mention that when he left the CIA, he went straight to Global Beacon Strategies, a think tank started by Hillary Clinton's "principal gatekeeper" Philippe Reines, and staffed with former Obama-Clinton officials. Such is Morell's m.o., even as noted by Liz Spayd in New York Times' "Public Editor's Journal."

Spayd writes:

Morell comes across as apolitical, evenhanded and well-credentialed on matters of national security. What the piece does not say is that he is a senior counselor at Beacon Global Strategies, a Washington consulting firm with connections to Hillary Clinton. Two of the firm’s founders were top aides to Clinton, including Philippe Reines. Leon Panetta, who led the Defense Department and, later, the C.I.A. under President Obama, is also with the firm.

Morell didn’t mention the firm, or its ties to Clinton, in his piece. He simply said that he knew Clinton from working with her while she was secretary of state and he was a top official at the C.I.A. The Times identified him only by saying Morell was the acting director and deputy director of the C.I.A. from 2010 to 2013. It said nothing about the firm he joined after that.

Note that The NYT was careful to cushion Morell's fall -- and his support for Hillary -- in a perfectly absurd headline: "A Potent Endorsement Could Use More Transparency." 

Which in itself is pretty transparent. 

MSM, we see through you.






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