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Aug 18

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, August 18, 2016 5:39 AM 

I am canvassing the news outlets on the shot-in-the-arm presidential election news that Stephen K. Bannon and Kellyanne Conway have vaulted to the helm of the Trump campaign.

Note that Kellyanne Conway, widely respected as a seasoned political pollster, is attracting far, far less attention than Steve Bannon in a news media endlessly concerned (obsessed) with all things female (more accurately, all things non-white-male). As usual, media "concern" (obsession) is exposed as a sham, a means only to advance the Left-wing agenda. (See "feminist"/media rejection of female victims of Bill Clinton's sex crimes for more examples.) 

Clearly, the ascension of Kellyanne Conway does not advance this Left-wing agenda. As the first woman to become campaign manager of a GOP presidential campaign, Conway's very appointment silences one stupid anti-Trump mantra, "he hates women," in a soundbyte. Besides that -- and I only say "besides that" because that's how these bean-counters think -- Conway is a highly regarded, savvy political professional. Therefore, MSM strategy goes (conscious and subconscious), best to overlook that Conway story and see what we can do with anti-Establishment Right and Left Steve Bannon, hmmm? So controversial!! 

So, I am checking on how are they doing. 

Holding the bar rather low, I find the New York Times profile of "Stephen Bannon, A Rookie Campaign Chief Who `Loves a Fight' " to be not all that bad. Granted, that is partly because any recounting of Steve Bannon's remarkable career -- blue-collar Southern roots, son of a telephone lineman (didn't know that), Navy officer, "polished corporate dealmaker"/investment banker, movie-maker, new media genius -- makes for such colorful copy. Even when the Times strikes out at Bannon as a "purveyor of scorched-earth right wing media who dwells in the darker corners of American politics" the hit has a melodramatically risible thud, although maybe that's because I "dwell" there, too. 

In characterizing Breitbart's content, the Times link to opeds by the irrepressible conservative homosexual "alt-right" activist Milo, who is a Breitbart writer; and ex-Communist nasty, Frontpage Magazine editor David Horowitz who is a contributor (and who even publishes at Breitbart I know not why unless it is because his own website's readership is so much smaller).

Editorial suggestion to Times: Make a greater effort to investigate the scope of the Breitbart News phenomenon. For example, take a look at the reporting, including video, coming out of rapidly Islamizing Europe that Breitbart features but which never, ever, ever enters your luxury-ad-filled pages. Take a look at the excellent reporting of Breitbart's Julia Hahn on immigration and trade issues. Breitbart has made the stuff of speciality blogs and writers, easily shunned and marginalized by MSM, widely read. (Try it sometime!) In the spirit of full disclosure, my own Bretbart archive, which includes literally scores of entries as a contributor for many years, is here. (NB: Smelling salts recommended for MSM-ites reading my most recent piece, an open letter to the DNC asking why they put a sharia supremacist on convention centerstage.)

Moving along.

Holding the bar lower still, I turned to the Washington Post pieces. Again, not all that really awful -- especially if you are hip to the cold sweats and gnashing teeth which the #NeverTrump/#AlwaysHillary "conservatives" ripping at Bannon cannot hide. (It is also the case that anyone bright or lucky enough to own a stake in "Seinfeld," as Steve Bannon is reported to do, is just going to have to live with a certain amount of ever-carping toads.) 

Even so, it's a bit rich to see to trash-talking GOPe op Rick Wilson pop up for an "expert" quote, he whose place inside "respectable" GOP circles says more about Establishment "standards" and "decorum" than anything else.

To recap: Rick Wilson, adviser to baby-kissing, family-values Republicans, is the one who queried best-selling author, columnist and Trump supporter Ann Coulter: "Does Trump pay you more for anal?" Wilson is also the one who said on national TV that the "donor class" was "going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump"; who has repeatedly invoked summary executions for "Vichy Republicans who collaborate with Trump"; who has described Trump supporters, also on national TV, as "childless men who masturbate to anime."

It is Wilson who tells the Washington Post he is concerned about Steve Bannon's "tone." 

Not that there is anything singular about Wilson's gutter talk. See, for example, Mona Charen on "sewage"; Jonah Goldberg on "taking a dump"; Mark Levin on "feces"; Glenn Beck on "bullcrap," etc. etc.

There is Ben Shapiro, glowing in a kind radioactive celebrity as the MSM's go-to hatchet man. Bannon has "no priciples," Shapiro dishes to WaPo in between calling Trump "a turd tornado" on CNN even as he criticizes his having (Trump's!) "no capacity to control himself"! 

As an side: What do these people tell their children about their work? Baby Ben, little Rick, today, I went on TV and broke new ground for potty talk and pervert-speak! 

There is also Ben Howe (see Howe's "And Melania is a whore" tweet here), decrying the "targets" he claims Steve Bannon puts "on [people's] backs." Too bad he forgot to mention that  he (Howe) called for a website to list "discredited forever" Trump supporters.  

All hypocrisy aside: There is little the MSM write that approaches "conservative" toxicity levels -- and I haven't even turned to see what continues to ooze out of "conservative" outlets. 

See for yourself at the Weekly Standard, "Trump Has Decided to Live in Breitbart's Alternative Reality," a fever dream of paranoia, not politics, by Stephen Hayes; or at National Review in "New Nationalism Amounts to Generic White Identity Politics" in which Jonah Goldberg reduces the existential issues defined by Trump (borders, immigration, sovereignty, American First trade & foreign policy) into a weirdly Marxian analysis of "lower class" and economics aimated by "generic" "white" grievance. (See also entries by Wilson, Shapiro, Howe, Hayes, Goldberg, and many, many more in The Anti-Trump Lexicon here.) 

Weirdest of all, naturally, is the latest outburst by Glenn Beck about the Dark Web, assassins, sex slaves.

There are still nearly three months more of conservative core meltdown to go.  Just imagine if Trump wins -- because clearly, they do.

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