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Jun 2

Written by: Diana West
Monday, June 02, 2008 7:18 AM 

Reading about the Talibanization of Pakistan in today's paper, and the suicide-bombing of the already skeleton-staffed Danish embassy essentially live on the Internet, I want to know about Pakistan's nuclear arsenal: namely, is it possible to destroy it, remove it (military options) or just neutralize it (spy stuff)? And if not, why not?     

And look at this snatch of background material from the Danish embassy story, which mentions, by the way, that there were new Motoon protests on Monday in the Pakistani city of Multan:

Denmark recently downgraded the embassy [in Pakistan] and moved out most foreign staff. In April, Denmark moved embassy staff in Algeria and Afghanistan to secret locations.

Moved out most foreign--i.e., Danish--staff? Embasses in secret locations? Welcome to the Islamic world as Western war zone. What do we get out of being there?


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