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Sep 21

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:06 AM 

On October 17, 1997, President Bill Clinton was in Buenos Aires, boosting Mercosur, yet another sovereignty-eroding "free" trading bloc, this one in South America.   

He spoke quite frankly about his intentions to reorganize the world by merging economies into a global system. 


Clinton said:

What I'm trying to do is to promote a process of reorganization of the world so that human beings are organized in a way that takes advantage of the new opportunities of this era and permits them to beat back the problems. ... 

[W]hat I had hoped to do on this trip is to convince the leaders -- not just the Presidents, but the leadership, generally -- that it is also in our interest to follow through on the commitment we made at the Summit of the Americas in Miami to work toward a free trade area of the Americas, and to see Mercosur, NAFTA, Andean Pact, CARICOM as building blocks in this. ...

[I]f we can prove that you can merge integrated economies and integrated democracies, then we'll be more likely to build a global system of this kind.

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