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Oct 9

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, October 09, 2016 6:56 AM 

Did this lewdest, crudest and most putrid behavior (not talk), ever drive press and Democratic party elders to call on President Bill Clinton to resign? Never. 


As the globalists leave what they hope and pray and have planned and calculated is a sinking USS Deplorables, opening hatches as they disembark, preening, in a cloud of noxious hypocrisy, it is not enough to say, Good riddance.

It is time to nail their hypocrisy to the wall, revealing the moral depravity underneath -- and, more immediately dangerous, the political movement that will finally and completely destroy this nation under another Clinton. 

This is a long (maybe lifelong) project. But time is short. I will focus today narrowly on the hypocrisy of the onslaught du jour -- how it is that the political-media complex is trying to eliminate Donald Trump before Election Day with calls for him to "step aside" over his 2005 hot mic conversation on a tv set with host Billy Bush. This was released to "the press" on the same day that a signal 2013 speech to a Brazilian bank by Hillary Clinton came to us little people, not from the dark arts masters of the Clinton campaign, of course, but through Wikileaks.

In his conversation, then-television personality Trump talked lewdly about "pussy" and groping, bedding (to use an antique, if descriptive term), a married woman, while married himself, in an exchange secretly taped and saved for 11 years until Friday. 

In a prepared speech to an audience organized by a South American bank three years ago, former Secretary of State Hillary spoke about her "dream of ... open borders" and hemispheric union. Many of our forbears would have recognized this as treason against the people of this republic of the Communist and/or one-world-government variety.

In today's depraved political culture, what draws fire is Trump's trash talk, but only as a bead to draw on the dreaded, loathed patriot-politician. It is he, and only he, whose rebellion threatens the power and "progress" of the globalist Uniparty. Its mission, then, is to destroy Trump by any means necessary that avoid his main issues -- the wall, immigration, trade, America First.

Thus, it becomes the Establishment height of camera-ready rectitude to condemn Trump for his lewd language about women, while applauding or ignoring Hillary and her "dream" of destroying the nation-state. That's because it is their deam, too. Only because they are in philosophical accord are they able to ignore and minimize and deny Hillary's and her husband's lifetimes of ruining the lives of women and girls who have gotten in the way of their path to power and riches, which, for thirty-plus years has corrupted the entire US government.

To put a finer, sharper point on the hypocrisy of this media-political class, currently gasping and hiccuping soundbytes of anti-Trump, "pro-women" outrage, I will add another conversation -- at least two telephone conversations to be precise. (You can read all about them and other Clinton White House "sexual encounters" here.) These were telephone conversations between President Bill Clinton and US Congressmen. During these official White House conversations in 1995, a 22-year-old White House intern, a few years older than the President Clinton's daughter, performed oral sex on the president.

To repeat: Clinton didn't just talk about sex in a secretly recorded conversation. He engaged in it in the most disgraceful circumstances. 

One such conversation took place on the night of November 17, 1995. It was a 21-minute exchange between President Clinton and U.S. Rep. H.L. "Sonny" Callahan in which the president discussed sending American troops into harm's way while receiving oral sex from a young woman on her knees before him.

Did this putrid disgrace of a revelation lead Democratic party elders, senators, congressmen, to call as one voice on Clinton to resign for his reckless, lewd and unconscionable behavior in the Oval Office of the White House? Never. Nothing. On the contrary, they fought such revelations and House impeachment tooth and nail. Then, when it came time to try the impeached president, the GOPe Senate tanked. Some things never change.

Later, thanks to the dark alchemy of the Bush family, Bill Clinton would emerge as a celebrated icon, burnished, not tarnished. Hillary, his essential and co-dependent enabler and colluder, would be elevated, now, almost to the presidency. None of this could ever have come to pass without junking the moral compass, from media-Democratic Left to Bush-family-Right.

Which brings us to where we are today. One election away from extinction. One election away from the one-party state that will take shape if Hillary's amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens goes through in her first sixty days, as promised. One election away from the one-party and sharia-compliant state that is sure to form if she is empowered to admit one million Muslims in her first term, as projected -- a sharia-compliant state, which, as we know without a doubt, would be a hell especially for women and girls. One election away from wars and corruption and losses of liberty catastrophic that would follow if she ever finally is able to take the highest office in the land.

And here we are being told by the most depraved among us that the moral thing to do is support her.

Reject it. Reject them. Reject this political-media-phalanx and the systemic corruption they serve and protect.

It is our only chance for salvation. 



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