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Oct 10

Written by: Diana West
Monday, October 10, 2016 6:09 AM 


There is something almost magical about this three and a half minutes of video, capturing that pre-debate moment when Donald Trump began again to pull back his slingshot and aim, this time with more accuracy and sureness, at the Uniparty-Unimedia Behemoth; this time, with righteous women at his side.

Paula, Juanita and Kathleen: Thank you for standing up and speaking out about what the Clintons did to you for all these many years. Kathy, thank you for coming forward more recently to add your name to this crucially important quest to expose the Clintons' corruption and violation not only of your precious persons, but of the entire body politic.

You, and women like you, personally suffered the torment that the rapacious and meglomanical Clinton couple has inflicted; and that the political-media phalanx, from MSM-Left to Bush-Family-Right, which has served and protected the Clintons for all of these decades, made seemingly eternal. It is this phalanx that stood in the way of justice; that ignored you; denied your existence; slandered you; shunted you aside, off to the corners, the odd headline, the occasional interview, the books they didn't write or read, anywhere and any way they could sideline you, and, most of all, silence the bells you were ringing out of hurt and rage and frustration at the wrong of it all, to keep them from echoing across the country.

It worked. It worked for decades, and it would have worked forever if Donald Trump had not come along and broken ranks with the power-money elites whence he came very early in his campaign, and, more important, if he had not needed you, really needed you, all of you, now, at the end of it.

Thank you for answering his call. Your moral and emotional support cannot be underestimated. Together, you and this most singular of GOP presidential nominees, on the public stage, with his charisma and vast political potential, and your righteous examples and inspirational support, you are the dynamite that can blow this whole corrupt power structure, which the Clintons have done so much and for so long to poison and profit from, to smithereens.






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