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Jun 4

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, June 04, 2008 4:33 AM 

Nope, Hillary's not going anywhere yet. So long as a winning delegate count eluded Obama, that made sense. But after he clinched the magic number, what did she do?

Dick Morris, in a column advising Obama not to offer the veep spot to Hillary, thereby turning his ticket into a Clintonian menage a trois, put it this way:

Last night, when Obama went over the top in delegates and could claim the nomination as his, Hillary organized a rally of all of her supporters, directly competing for airtime with the newly minted nominee.

So, he wins and she wants to take the marbles home. She may well determine that it is actually to her advantage to go gracious and all ship-of-stately on us, but for now at least, we see the True Clinton shining through. In a word (at least, I think it's a word): Waaa-aaaa-aaaa!

Death of the Grown-Up, anyone?

Morris continues:

Instead of conceding defeat and campaigning for Obama, auditioning for the spot of loyal teammate, Hillary insists on keeping her options open and vies for the spotlight with Obama, exactly what you do not want a vice president to do.

Or a grown-up.


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