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Nov 2

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, November 02, 2016 10:45 AM 

We can all breathe a sigh of relief: Bill Kristol has launched his "gut" hunch on the Election outcome and it's Hillary. That's a pretty good augur for Trump's ultimate success.

The polls for Trump are promising, too. And three cheers for Wikileaks and also Judicial Watch for doing the job American journalists won't do. Still, there remain several eternities between us and Election Day, so for any fence-sitters out there, here are a few must-reads.

The first is an interview at Pajamas Media with Kathy Shelton's lawyer and advocate, Candice Jackson, by John L. Work, a retired law enforcement officer, whose many years as a detective included investigating multiple sex crimes. This interview teases out new details about the case that may tels us more about Hillary as a person than any other, spotlighting her callousness and ruthlessness in this trampling of a 12 year old rape victim.    

The second is an article by Leo Hohmann about the UN agenda to force continuous migration from the Third World into the cities and towns of the West, and how close this same agenda is to Hillary "I dream of open borders" Clinton's promised policies. Whether it is one human being or one million, Clintonian global elites despoil whatever they touch.

Finally, the latest from La Belle Paris, where warring tribes, mainly from Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan and Eritrea, have turned those streets Gene Kelly is supposed to dance on into a battleground.

Import warring tribes, they will make war. It is projected that Hillary Clinton would import one million Muslims in her first term.

Just watch the video (above) and #MAGA. It's so simple!


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