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Nov 16

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 4:25 PM 

I am wondering how to write about The War on Steve Bannon without using the smear terms "white nationalist," "racist," "anti-semite," that are continuously blasting out in heavy streams of toxic waste at Bannon's reputation, career and, please do not forget, soul, as the media-political complex reassembles to overwhelm and neutralize this great and talented patriot as he prepares to take the strategic helm of the Trump White House.

The good news is that support is all around him, as colleagues and strangers, former employees and business partners, political allies and even a council leader in Samaria publish articles, statements and testimonials, denying these heinously baseless charges, exposing them for the tactical dark ops of the Establishment that they are.

The key thing to understand about this War on Steve Bannon is that it is a war on all of us. If he goes down, we go down. If he goes down, Trump's presidency goes down. That's because in this war to demonize Bannon's beliefs and opinions, ours are being demonized, too. Love of country, with borders? "White nationalism." America First trade and foreign policy? "Racism." Run a stupid headline by David Horowitz? "Anti-semitism." If they win, we lose. For keeps.

Just as in Salem long ago, there is no evidence in Steve Bannon's formidable career as a naval officer, investment banker, Hollywood producer, New Media Baron, and, now, genius political strategist, that warrants this furor, this grotesque baying for a head on a pike. Indeed, this ugly display is not really about Steve Bannon at all. It is about the Old Power Brokers losing their grip. Their slanderous campaign against him and us is a manifestation of their fear and malice. This vileness will stain them forever.   

The fact remains that no matter how many lies they told, they couldn't destroy Donald Trump, not after he spoke to and for the people; not after Americans took his measure on the hustings across the country. Sixty million votes and 30 state wins attest to that.

But the winning candidate, whose victory owes so much to the brilliant helmsmanship of campaign chairman Steve Bannon, has necessarily left the friendly hinterlands, and, as president-elect, is now relocating to hostile territory deep inside the black-magic Beltway circle, where the media and political class that called everything wrong because they wanted it that way remains a radioactive fixture.

They seek their sacrifice on a pyre of wicked lies.

I think they seek it in vain.

The America First counterrevolution is just beginning.


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