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Dec 16

Written by: Diana West
Friday, December 16, 2016 5:07 AM 


Arizona's legendary Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference yesterday to present the latest findings of the Cold Case Posse investigation into the veracity of the Barack Obama long-form birth certificate displayed on the White House website.

Much background here.

I have embedded the video of the event in full because it is a 100 percent sure bet that the press will not report it accurately -- or not report it at all. 

In a nutshell, the posse presents brand new evidence that the Obama long-form online display is a fraudulent document -- a forgery.

This new evidence, initiated by WND and Jerome Corsi, was developed by the sheriff's office and Mark Gillar. It indicates that there are nine points of forgery between the Obama pdf and a second Hawaiian birth certificate belonging to Johanna Ah'nee. This evidence was presented to two sets of experts: Reed Hayes, a professional forensic document-examiner in Hawaii with 40 years experience (and who voted for Obama twice); and Forlab, an Italian firm specializing in forensic digital technology. Both experts independently concurred that the anomalies in the document indicate forgery.

That's the easy part.

It is one thing for investigators to spend five years painstakingly developing this and other evidence; it is quite another to convince the riggers of the system, the enjoyers of the spoils, the sackers of the republic, the cannibals of the Constitution -- our government and its orbiting satellites -- to take that evidence and act on it, test it, either in a court of law or even in the court public of opinion. As Sheriif Arpaio said in concluding remarks, Congress can hold hearings on under-inflated footballs; they should certainly hold a hearing on this.

Is the posse as wrong and crazy and bizarro as "everyone" says they are? Find out. Test their evidence. Put this whole thing to rest, once and for all, with something more than vicious name-calling and sneers.

Will that ever happen? The profound problem is that there is no one in any position of authority who wants to find out the truth, who dares to probe the identity document(s) of a two-term president and possibly discover that the crime of forgery has been committed. This is a crisis more profound than the possibility of presidential forgery. When corruption is so wide and deep that its participants are more concerned with denying that the edifice is sinking than exposing their own complicity in bringing it down, the republic is down to its last gasp.

It is not enough just to turn the page on January 20.

Even to begin to restore honesty and lawfulness to our government and wider society, we urgently need to investigate and resolve an array of festering national scandals. We need an American Truth Commission. 

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