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Jan 29

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 29, 2017 9:41 AM 

Read about the four (4) members of the Rosenberg Ring who went to high school where and while Philip Horowitz taught here


I don't really know what to do with this stuff as it pops up, except to post it, kind of like an open desk drawer. 

So, to that end, and in brief, two items.

I was watching David Horowitz on with Tucker Carlson, who introduced him by saying some such: "David Horowitz is someone who knows about Russians. HIs parents were ardent Commnuists who left the Party after learning of Stalin's atrocities."

This is, to be sure, how Horowitz makes it out, writing in Radical Son that on reading about Krushchev's famous speech about some of Stalin's crimes in 1956, "their world collapsed -- along with their will to struggle."

For context, this is eight years after Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley first testfied publicly before Congress and Communists seized Czechoslovakia; six years after Alger Hiss was convicted; four years after Witness was published; three years after the Rosenbergs, both alumni of the high school where Horowitz's covert Communist parents taught, were executed -- and so much more. By year's end, Soviet tanks would brutally put down the Hungarian Uprising. Still, Horowitz indicates that for his parents, there was a gray area around their break due to "their ideals."

His parents, he writes (friends with Golos KGB ring look-out Joseph North) were "among those who tried to find solace in the thought that while `mistakes' had been made, remedies were being taken. But even as they tried to remain true to their ideals, they were paralyzed in practice ... stunned by a blow from which they would never recover ... 

Bottom line: From attending "four and five political meetings a week for as long as I could remember" -- such ideals -- Horowitz states that "in the years following the Krushchev Report ... they were never really active in politics again."

Love the phrase used to describe their covert life as secret conspirators under Moscow's discipline as "in politics"!  

In any case, the FBI reported otherwise -- mother Blanche was hosting Sunnyside Communist cell meetings in 1958 and father Philip was still a Communist Party member in 1960.

Here is the memo from the FBI's Ramparts Magazine file.

One more item for the desk drawer.  

Nathan Sussman, a longtime /Venona-code-named spy for Julius Rosenberg testified before Senator McCarthy's committee during the Fort Monmouth hearings in 1953 that he was a member of the Sunnyside Communist cell  from January or February 1944 to January 1945. It seems highly likely that Horowitz's parents were cell-mates with him at that time. David Horowitz may or may not know this; he was, after all, just a tyke. (Then again, I wasn't born, and I know it....) Regardless, it is more evidence that his milieu was more concretely closer to the KGB than he knows or that his well-cushioned biography lets on.



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