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Jun 24

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 4:29 AM 

The Islamic strategy to compel the suicidal West to destroy its own  identifying liberties by exploiting capitalism's essential weakness-- blithering fear of shrinking markets--continues apace with renewed calls for an Islamic  boycott of Dutch and Danish goods.

The Jordan Times reports:

The ultimate goal, according to campaign spokesperson Zakaria Sheikh, is to enact a universal law that prohibits the defamation of any prophet or religion, similar to the international legislation banning anti-Semitism.

Aha: The "ultimate goal" is to outlaw debate and dissent about the  totalitarian tenets of Islamic ideology. This is a goal being simultaneously  pursued on all fronts.

Sheikh told The Jordan Times that the boycott will assist them in providing proof of the harm of “hateful messages” when advocating for the law....

In other words, criticize or satirize Islam, and we try to bring down your economy--which should, in the pc, adolescent Western world, have the effect of turning free speech advocates into scapegoats and making critiques of Islamic ideology VERBOTEN. 

One relatively cheap tool to that plan's end is the poster pictured above,  millions of which were released last week. The Jordan Times reports the poster "displays new items, including a major Dutch electronics brand." But others were removed..." Gee: I wonder why?

Others were removed after their manufacturers joined the campaign, which offers businesses a way out if they meet four conditions: Publicly denounce the Dutch and Danish actions in the media, and support the lawsuits and the creation of an international law.

In other words, sign up for Eternal Dhimmitude. 

Dutch food group, Zwanenberg, which exports “ZWAN” products to the Kingdom, was one of the companies exempted from the boycott after it joined the campaign--

i.e., signed up for Eternal Dhimmitude--

and published an open letter in Arabic dailies.

“Zwanenberg announces its solidarity with the ‘Messenger of Allah Unites Us Campaign’ in its endeavours to pass an international legislation to stop any insult of any religion including Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),” the letter reads.

Translation: Slurp. Slurp.

And that's not all. According to, Zwanenberg's ad also says "it ‘rejects the opinions and statements’ made in [Geert] Wilders’ film ["FItna"] in which he ‘likens Islam to violence’. ‘We strongly condemn these statements about Islam which we think have no other purpose other than to hurt [Muslims].’ "

No other purpose than to hurt Muslims? What rot. How do these craven capitalists--can't believe I'm writing the words, but ok--get up in the morning, having forfeited their self-respect (not to mention their backbones) to Allah and the mighty Euro?

Back to the Jordan Times:

Danish Ambassador Thomas Lund Sorensen was perplexed by the move and told The Jordan Times that he finds it “interesting and very unusual that one country would subpoena the citizens of another country about an issue that has happened in their native land within that country’s laws”.

"Interesting and very unusual"?! How about "outrageous" and "Go to Hell"? Not diplomatic lingo, of course, but hasn't anyone noticed this is a war on the West?

Meanwhile, I wonder where the Islamic world would get their (Danish) butter and (Dutch) electronics, etc., if the West--in a concerted effort to halt efforts to repress (Islamize) free speech in the West, as the Danish ambassador noted--decided to stop selling them there?


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