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Mar 5

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 05, 2017 6:58 AM 


Dear X ---

Are you watching what is going on over here?

So, Trump, just to review a couple of items, plans to expand the grossly deteriorated US nuclear arsenal and restore sovereign US powers that were about to expire completely in a morass of world (i.e., anti-democratic elites) governance — and his overall plans for an American restoration include, of course, restoring US manufacturing.

That, we are supposed to believe, made Trump the clear “choice” of V. Putin and all of his strategists — NOT the Clinton machine, which, just to review one item, enriched itself mightily while advancing Russia’s military/intelligence/cyber capabilities in the Obama/Clinton-Putin creation of “Russia’s Silicon Valley” — Skolkovo. So much better than Russian Lend-Lease — you don’t have to ship anything! Just build it all there, and transfer the technology secrets as a contractual formality. Who needs industrial spies anymore?! Who needs Harry Hopkins? So much more streamlined just to have everything close to Moscow!

Bonus: Out of 28 Skolkovo-participating tech companies (Cisco, Google, Intel...), 17 were Clinton Foundation donors or paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for some extremely fascinating speeches by Bill.


ALL of the establishment power blocs in politics, media, etc., are now more than ever hysterically anti-Trump as the living breathing vehicle of Russia, which, by the way, they NEVER, EVER noticed was an adversary, not in 100 years.

Now, if I am understanding the latest correctly, we are supposed to believe that because it appears that Obama's Justice Dept got a pure as driven snow FISA warrant to tap Trump Tower (is this a movie? Who plays Deep Throat?), Trump was colluding with Russia to "influence the election” — because, again, remember, Putin is just dying for the US to have more, better nukes and an overall military build-up and maybe even re-start manufacturing our own parts in the USA. Also, Putin just couldn’t wait to pass up the opportunity to do more business with the man who probably would have become Hillary’s Secretary of State, John Podesta, Clinton-Obama veteran, Hillary’s campaign manager, #Pizzagate POI. 

Fun fact: Did you know that two months after Podesta joined the executive board of a small energy company named Joule in 2011, Putin’s Rusnano invested 1 billion rubles ($35 million) in the company? And that Podesta came into 75,000 shares of common stock? Even Peter Schweizer didn't know that last bit until just a few weeks before the 2016 election.

But, phew, what a relief! There are no Obama-Clinton-Podesta ties to Russia!

Finally, there is the separate issue of how Russia supposedly and very sneakily “influenced" the US election in the first place — through “hacking” and releasing through Wikileaks those tens of thousands of actual emails detailing the sickening corruption and pay-for-play malfeasance of the Clinton machine — masses and masses of UNCONTESTED facts about ClintonWorld, including, of course, that tidbit about John Podesta's 75,000 shares in Joule, heavily invested in by Rusano, a tech entiity which has been described, so touchingly, as "Putin's child."

Of course, the real tip-off is that Kremlin disinformation campaigns always disseminate FACTS!

Standing on my head,


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