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Mar 20

Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 20, 2017 5:12 AM 

Task: Marking the messaging.

Subjects: Information warfare; hostile foreign influence; subversion; iron-handed suppression of all of the the above by the US government (some of the very subjects discussed throughout American Betrayal*).

1) Pro-Trump Roger Stone is ramping up "McCarthyism" and "Red-baiting" as "fear-mongering" and "mudslinging."

There may be some tiny chance Stone is ignorant about the McCarthy facts; nevertheless, it seems highly unlikely Stone does not know better, that he is not well aware that there were Reds aplenty (not imaginary "witches"), and that the magic spell of "McCarthyism" is the weapon of choice that has successfully neutered our nation's survival instinct against covert subversion inside the United States during the "Cold War" and beyond.

If he is informed as I suspect, what's his game? 

2) Anti-Trump (anti-American Betrayal*) Radosh is offering support to Trump White House official Sebastian Gorka against reports alleging Gorka was associated with a Hungarian Nazi organization.

How sweet? Radosh damns every single solitary thing Trump and Bannon -- and possibly makes one up -- but this he will ... not ... brook?

Makes sense? It is worth marking the fact that beginning back in 2013, Sebastian Gorka was quite warmly disposed to American Betrayal* -- Radosh's special target of disinformation -- publicly pressing and exposing David Horowitz for his (and, by implication, Radosh's) mendacious attacks on same, as described and dissected here by J.R. Nyquist.   

Forgive and forget? Perhaps. See Gorka Horowitz-showcased here. Others in the same boat (dubbed by Horowitz as the "kook army"), remain on the outs. Which is Interesting.

3) Anti-Trump, pro-McMullin, Radosh-camp-follower** John Schindler (whose Weiner-like-problem is disclosed here ) is also offering support to Trump WH official Gorka under siege. Out of the goodness of 'is little 'eart? Does not strike me as the type.**

Note how this intelligence analyst draws his conclusion while claiming to have no knowledge about what organizations Gorka does or does not belong to. His defense is based on "detailed" conversations with Gorka. But Gorka aside for a moment: The intelligence-history-record is crammed with hostile foreign agent whose conversation was excellent! This reminds me of Richard Perle still extolling suspected Iranian influence agent Ahmed Chalabi based on their conversations about "art ... history ... poetry ... Did he share our values? You're damn right he did."  

I cannot claim to know what Sebastian Gorka did or didn't do in Hungary -- I never knew anything at all about his 1992-2008 career in Hungary until recently. My alarm over his role in the Trump White House, along with Lt. Gen McMaster's, based on their dissembling/ignorance on Islam is here, however. 


* Because American Betrayal tells part of the history of the subversion of the US government, and the US government's attempts to quash that same part of its own history, the book has played a Rorschach-test-like-role in exposing things about the critics who lied about it -- as opposed to critics who disagree with something, but do so truthfully in the tradition of (even heated) honest debate.   

** Schindler, the Radosh acolyte, still disgracing himself.    


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