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May 4

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, May 04, 2017 9:29 AM 

The Daily Caller has picked up on the Kushner-Soros shocker, as related by Peter Schweizer:

The author of the best-selling book that revealed alleged pay-for-play schemes during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state is sounding the alarm about Jared Kushner’s ties to liberal bankroller George Soros and Goldman Sachs.

“Clinton Cash” author and Breitbart News editor Peter Schweizer said in a radio interview that Kushner’s ties to Soros — who funds a network of left-wing activists — as well as his billion-dollar loans, both of which he failed to include in his financial disclosure forms, present a “massive, massive problem” for the White House.

Schweizer called for an independent audit of Kushner’s finances, which he said likely contain similar bombshells. ...

Kushner, who is married to President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, failed to disclose his business ties to George Soros, Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel and other billionaires through his real estate start-up company, Cadre. Soros also reportedly opened up a $250 million line of credit to Kushner to help get Cadre off the ground. ...

This is the last straw's last straw. "Deplorables" did not vote for Donald Trump to make New Yokr liberals, Ivanka and Jared, king and queen of the Swamp; they certainly didn't vote for Trump to bring Soros into White House environs as the secret capitalist crony/financial supporter of the First Son-in-Law. Kushner forgot to include a $250 million line of credit from Soros on his financial disclosure form? This is a Big Fat Honking scandal.

But look at how it's being reported -- or not. Breitbart, Fox, Daily Caller, Daily Mail, New York Post, Infowars, Wall Street Journal, etc., also Mediaite are on it.

And the MSM? CNN? Nothing. Page One (or anywhere)  in the New York Times? Nope. How about The Democracy Dies in Darkness Post? Only #NeverTrump neocon blogger Jennifer Rubin is on it. Morning Joe? Nope.

Maxine Waters, even? Not a peep.

Once again, the Left and its platforms show themselves to be in cahoots with each other. I'd say they actually like having Jared and Ivanka (and Soros) spreading Swamp around Trumpworld, which just might explain why they are so slow to jump on Jared Kushner's scandalous omissions and troubling financial connections.

Better to write another story about Andrew Jackson.

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