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May 18

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, May 18, 2017 5:32 AM 

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Flipping back the pages of my proverbial notepad I find a fair amount about Robert Mueller and his Bush-to-Obama tenure at the FBI.

Despite the rose petals bestrewing his path back to DC as special counsel, it was not a pretty thing. Summing up -- as Patrick Poole began here in 2012, as former FBI special agent John Guandolo does here --  Mueller's FBI tenure should be remembered in large part for having been one long "Muslim outreach" to combat so-called Islamophobia, one long purge of Islamo-realism; and literally so, as when Mueller's FBI purged lecturers and training materials for their supposed offensiveness to Muslims [read: truthfulness about Islamic teachings on jihad and sharia]. This purge was the result of an "inquiry" beginning in September 2011, described by Wired magazine as an "Islamophobia probe," and which the magazine claims to have instigated. In February 2012 Wired reported, "The bureau disclosed initial findings from its months-long review during a meeting at FBI headquarters on Wednesday with several Arab and Muslim advocacy groups, attended by Director Robert Mueller."  

As a result, John Guandolo notes, "The FBI no longer teaches anything about sharia, the MB networks, or the Global Islamic Movement." 

Mueller's legacy.

Here are some of my own reports on Mueller and his FBI -- "They Call It Intelligence" (2010) "Uncle Sam Conducts Another `Anti-Islamic' Purge" (2012), "The Continuum ... Continues" (2012), "Making Islam (Not Terrorism) Disappear (2013), "Will FBI Director Mueller Ever Be Held Accountable For Anything? (2013).

That last piece appeared after the jihad attack on the Boston Marathon, where, it might well be argued, Mueller's see-no-Islam FBI policies, honed over both the see-no-Islam Bush and Obama administrations, came to deadly fruition. In the explosive video clip above, Rep. Louie Gohmert extracts from Mueller the extraordinary admission that he, as FBI Director, did not know the mosque the Tsarnaev brothers attended – Islamic Society of Boston/ISB (Muslim Brotherhood) – was founded by Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi. Director Mueller defended not sending FBI agents to the ISB [until] after the bombing because the FBI was there before the bombing doing `outreach' with the Imam."

Which brings me to my question. How can someone who has long engaged in the political and ideological exercise of blinding himself, the FBI, and the USG to Islamic influence on terrorism and subversion suddenly be expected to assess Russian influence on the Trump (and, a must, Clinton) campaign(s) free from politics and ideology?



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