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Jun 3

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, June 03, 2017 8:39 AM 

Watched a couple of minutes of the "#MarchForTruth"  in New York City, one of a series of "nationwide rallies demanding action on possible Russia collusion," as the organizers put it. It seems to be drawing the kind of people who used to deny "Russia collusion" to the death, even if its name was Alger Hiss.

But some things never change: they're still pushing the rest of the "commie" program -- the glories of state-run health care, the shame of white privilege, the evils of Donald Trump ... who, by pulling out of the Paris Accords, has emerged as the biggest threat to that same communist/Marxist/progressive/globalist/Alinskyite/socialist program since Ronald Reagan. Not that we discuss such things in such terms.  

One of the rally speakers was House of Cards writer Beau Willimon (picture above). The ABC news feed I was watching cut off before I could hear him explain what he thought was "fraudulent" about Donald Trump, but it's not too hard to guess, especially after taking a look at the 39-year-old's High-Democrat resume, which seems to have had something to do with his friendship with Clintonista Jay Carson. It also includes some interesting twists and turns.

1998: Chuck Schumer Senate campaign;

Columbia, Visual Arts BA, '99

Worked for ministry of interior in Estonia (?) (and suffered a nervous breakdown)

2000: Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign; Bill Bradley's presidential campaign;

I am guessing it is somewhere in here where he goes to Vietnam and works for a "small cultural magazine" (?).

Returns to Columbia for graduate school, during which, his Wikipedia entry states, he received a "visual arts scholarship for a proposal to create 40 lithographs about paranoia, and lived in South Africa for a year." Gets MFA in Playwriting in 2003.

2004: Howard Dean's presidential campaign.  

More schooling in playwriting; writes a play in 2008 drawing from the Dean campaign, Farragut North, and writing career is launched.

Now the enemy is ... "Russia collusion."


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