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Aug 3

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, August 03, 2017 12:25 PM 

Circa's Sara Carter dusted off a February 20, 2017 Washington Times story and re-launched it on Twitter.

Headline: "Ex-Obama national security adviser to McMaster: Get rid of Bannon-led group"

The story doesn't resonate anew so much as throb violently.  

Back in February, the Wash Times reported:

Former Obama national security adviser Susan E. Rice on Monday urged her new counterpart in the Trump White House, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, to get rid of a national security wing led by presidential strategist Stephen Bannon.

“Hope you will be able to choose your team, have direct reporting and daily access to POTUS, and can eliminate Strategic Initiatives Group,” Ms. Rice wrote in a congratulatory note to Lt. Gen. McMaster on Twitter [posted above].

The Strategic Initiatives Group is a layer of the White House National Security Council that’s led by Mr. Bannon.

No matter how hard Trump supporters rub their eyes, this, as Susan Rice called it, is pretty much exactly what happened. The "Bannon-led group," better understood as a pro-Trump-minority jobs program, has been systematically purged by McMaster. Who in the national security lane is even left in the Trump WH to dodge robust and multiplying swamp creatures? Several lifetimes and five and half months ago, when Rice put this message out on Twitter, her words had a very different ring: blurtings from the bleachers of social media as powers, we thought, were dissipating.

Hah. You might say these were marching orders. Or, if not marching orders, they became a marker of swamp success as laid down by an Obama capo -- and carried out by President Trump's National Security Adviser, HR McMaster. 

Clearly, Rice and McMaster think as one -- and practically share a security clearance, as Sara Carter also reports today.

Your move, President Trump.




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