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Aug 31

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, August 31, 2017 3:52 AM 

Judging by the thumbnails, Seven Days in May (1964) is an anti-anti-Communist message movie about a military takeover of the US government thwarted by liberals. Half a century later, the spectre of military coup seems to be more than a fictional conceit given that a troika of real-life generals -- Kelly, McMaster, Mattis -- appear to be running an anti-MAGA White House with a team of insurbordinate civilian cabinet secretaries. In 2010, I wrote "Hail to the Junta?" over the Pentagon's reported refusal to provide the president with a military plan to exit Afghanistan. What we are watching unfold today is far more all-encompassing.     

Whither President Trump? The man who regularly dealt with lagging contestants on a TV set with his trademark "You're fired" line is AWOL when it comes to real life staffing disasters on the national stage.

This hapless disconnect between MAGA and staffing was the last thing Deplorables expected from Candidate Trump. Personnel is policy, however; and, as John L. Work explained back in May, anti-Trump personnel is Trump White House personnel policy. Against the backdrop of the inevitable MAGA train wreck in not-so-slow motion, all manner of theories abound. He was conning us all along. He's inept. He's being blackmailed; they threatened the lives of his children. He's had nervous breakdown; he's being managed with drugs. He's had a nervous breakdown; his children + Swamp are caretaker presidents. He was always a Swamp Creature at heart. The Swamp won his heart. Listen, Mr. President, fruit salad on chest catching rainbows of sunlight refracting through the hand-cut crystal chandelier drops, you just don't understand .... You just can't stop the force of progress ... Trust us ...

MAGA remnants who barely made it inside the wire are all out again, vowing they can actually help President Trump more effectively from outside the seat of political power, which kind of sounds like early onset PTSD to me. Then again, nothing makes any sense at all anymore -- which is why this Breitbart interview with Mike Cernovich is so worthy of consideration: "Cernovich Sources: White House `Coup' Underway, Trump `Under House Arrest.'

Hate to say it, but this notion seems more logical than most Trump White House actions, and, just as important, inactions. 


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