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Written by: Diana West
Sunday, September 03, 2017 12:25 PM 

The Fabian Society crest: a wolf in sheep's clothing



Interestingly enough, in the Twelth Report of the Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities of the California Senate, there is among the many Communists, Communist groups and front groups under discussion a case study of the John Birch Society, the group founded in the late 1950s by Robert Welch in opposition to Communism.

The John Birch Society of Robert Welch mainly survives in popular imagination for its having been "purged" by William F. Buckley from "mainstream" conservatism. This "purge" not only had the effect of shunting Robert Welch to the sidelines of conservative debate, it also cast out to the margins a wide if not Deplorable swath of Americans who embraced the tradition of "America First"-style non-interventionism and small-r republicanism which were also at the heart of conservative anti-Communism of the day.

Hard to imagine a better way to splinter the Right, even if that was not the intention.

Still, it is quite shocking to learn from the report that Birch Society founder Welch also belonged to the foremost Fabian socialist organization in America!

According to the 1963 California Senate report:

Not all of the organizations with which Welch has been affiliated were conservative, as the books and records of the League for Industrial Democracy, founded by Fabian Socialists in England, and in this country by Upton Sinclair, Jack London, Clarence Darrow and other militant liberals, still show that Mr. Robert Welch of Belmont, Massachusetts, is a member in good standing. The League for Industrial Democracy was aggressively socialist, and for several years was led by the late Robert Morse Lovett.


 A few weeks ago, I quoted a 1963 California Senate Un-American Activities report on John Birch Society Robert Welch which identified Welch as "a member in good standing" of the Fabian Socialist organization the League for Industrial Democracy.   

Alex Newman, a writer for various publications including the John Birch Society's The New American, later emailed to tell me he'd asked top JBS officials about the claim. JBS President Emeritus John McManus emailed him this reply:

Robert Welch paid for subscriptions to several Socialist publications in order to know what they were doing.  Subscribing meant he became a member. In time, RW even let his subscriptions to these publications lapse. To suggest that he was a closet socialist is the height of absurdity - and possibly a sure indication of dishonesty and nastiness. 


Long before the over-emphasized "Frankfurt School" arrived in America, the League for Industrial Democracy was already sucessfully subverting our colleges and society, Fabian style -- which is to say, slowly and stealthily. Indeed, the Fabian crest is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Last year, I prepare a presentation on the Fabian assault on our society for the ICON lecture series. The Fabian-Communist overlap is quite striking -- and it was all pretty much a wrap even before the Frankfurt School Germans were even translated into English.

I'll repost: "Where does `politically correct' come from and what is it doing?" 


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