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Oct 13

Written by: Diana West
Friday, October 13, 2017 7:22 AM 

Rose McGowan on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998

1. I'll get interested in the Harvey Weinstein scandal when the powerful pedophiles of Hollywood who defile and destroy children are also named and shamed, triggering, a la Weinstein, snap criminal investigations by the Trump DOJ and Scotland Yard both. Meanwhile, how about opening a snap criminal investigation into multiple allegations of rape and sexual harassment against Bill Clinton? Not happening? What about those numerous Obama era crimes of state, from Fast & Furious to the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation/Clinton State Department? Not happening either? Why Weinstein? There is something weird about these massive currents suddenly driving the Weinstein case to engulf  practically all other news. 

2. Child actors are pure victims, always, and all too often of their own parent-pimps as much as the pedophile Hollywood power brokers. 

3. The women "coming forward" to describe being mauled, groped, humiliated, victimized, "forced" into sexual situations in 5-star hotel rooms from Manhattan to the South of France, are not children.  They chose to work in a industry notorious for trading in flesh. Many of these same women willingly engage in sex acts for the camera in exchange for what was once called filthy lucre. If all goes extremely well, there are shiny professional awards ("so brave"), celebrity, and 5 star hotel rooms of their own. These actresses are not pure victims like child actors. 

4. I think the tally is now three women alleging Harvey Weinstein raped them. I don't know much about these cases. As a blanket statement, they did not have it coming to them. Rape is a heinous crime, as Juanita Broaddrick can attest, and it is clear that a double standard in our law exists to exempt the powerful and connected. This is an ongoing American travesty that has undermined, if not destroyed, the stabiity of the Republic.

5. So far the crazy-massive hoopla around the Weinstein case amounts to little more than more  tawdry entertainment unelevated by group-virtue-signalling. The public -- certainly, the media -- are transfixed as grudges, shame, rage, power-mongering play out. It is quite hard to watch without feeling ill, especially when Harvey and his three-day-Arafat growth flash by. We are dragging ourselves through cultural muck for nothing but more muck unless the exercise leads toward some remoralization of the culture and bid to restore the rule of law.

6. But I'm not holding my breath






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