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Nov 15

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 9:11 AM 

On November 14, 2017, a red-hot Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) scorched Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a series of questions arising from this Justice Department's failure to restore the lost principle of one law for all citizens.

To date, all public signs point to a developing crisis that no one who pulled the lever for Trump in 2016 ever imagined: The Trump Justice Department under AG Sessions appears to be placing the Clinton machine, the Obama administration, and the "Intelligence Community" beyond accountability, despite  masses of evidence of the crudest corruption and lawlessness. Resurgent congressional pressure along with some shrewd reporting are making the need to investigate grotesquely obvious -- except to AG Sessions. And that is the rub. If Hillary Clinton had been elected last November, doubtless her attorney general would have long ago ensured that all of this same evidence disappeared. Today, Donald Trump's attorney general seems to be trying to do much the same thing. 

In the video above, Mr. Jordan makes palpable the frustration of so many Americans over this shocking impasse, even as AG Sessions' refusal to engage on the crucial matters at hand the  intensifies that same frustration. Sessions' argument that confirmed facts indicating webs of corruption, treason and domestic spying inside the Obama administration and Clinton campaign do not constitute sufficient basis for a special counsel is actually absurd -- and especially so when compared to the Comey-memo-to pal-to-NYT-presto-special-counsel-who-is-Comey's-bestie-routine, which does not exactly seem destined to go down in the books as the purest excercise of Blind Justice.

In sum, Jordan v. Sessions was a notable showdown. As such, it inspired a flurry of headlines.

Here are a few, from Right to hard Left:

The Daily Caller: "Rep. Jim Jordan grills Jeff Sessions about Comey Special Prosecutor"

The Hill: "Sessions resists GOP pressure on Clinton probe"

The Washington Post: "Jeff Sessions just threw a wet blanket on President Trump’s Russia dossier conspiracy theory" 

Notably, Breitbart News did not even cover this hotspot of the hearing, choosing instead to focus on questions from Democrats regarding White House influence on the proposed ATT merger ... and how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln? 

I mention this because the omission fits a peculiar pattern: Breitbart seems to be ignoring the apparent transformation of Jeff Sessions into a Keeper of the Swamp.

As best I can tell, Breitbart is not really covering the boiling-over frustration of key conservatives in Congress, including Jim Jordan, over Sessions' bizarre inaction on assorted outrages perpetrated by the Obama/Clinton administration scandals; his roughly ten recusals on cases of central importance to the restoration of the rule of law in this country; and, as a result, perhaps undue authority conferred upon the unrecused Deputy AG Rosenstein (an official with conflicts of his own), as indicated  in questioning by both Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX). Nor did Breitbart cover former Rep. Jason Chaffetz's stunning account of his meeting with Sessions earlier this year, where, among other jaw-droppers, Sessions is said to have stated he would not even be prosecuting Clinton tech chief Bryan Pagliano for twice flouting congressional subpoenas; nor did Breitbart cover Sessions' evasive appearance before Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

Search for yourself, but I am just not finding Breitbart stories cataloguing mounting conservative anger with Jeff Sessions on Capitol Hill. As noted above, the site didn't report on this week's fireworks at all. Breitbart finally handled the issue with a pick-up and link to a tepid New York Post editorial calling on Sessions to "consider" investigating Uranium One. 

Why does this matter? Breitbart, of course, is supposed to be America First Central. It is also more than ever a daily readout on the political positioning of the Bannon force field. Like the Left's media organs, the big stories Breitbart writes about -- or doesn't write about -- seem to promote an information war plan. Breitbart, self-appointed keeper of the Trump Agenda flame, chooses not to hold Jeff Sessions' feet to the fire over his shocking failures to carry out the core of that same agenda, even as Sessions himself becomes the central block on the long awaited restoration of law and an accountable government working for the American people, not their own slush funds, power lust, or foreign actors. 

Back in July, when President Trump went public with his own frustrations with Jeff Sessions by venting on Twitter, Breitbart came out strongly in Sessions's defense, calling him, "A Man Who Embodies the Movement That Elected Trump." After all, the story went, Trump only got elected by the movement Sessions embodies, and, anyway, the Senate is just not going to confirm a new pro-Trump Justice nominee.

Such a rationale seems insufficient to explain the total Sessions pass. But there is more than Sessions to consider. Notably, Breitbart is ignoring, let alone not supporting, good, strong conservatives on the Hill who are actually fighting to Drain the Swamp. It's not their fault they have encountered AG Sessions, of all people, as their chief obstacle. 

What a story.

Only not for Breitbart readers.

I wonder why?


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