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Jan 31

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 4:39 AM 

Axios is the petri dish of media elite culture. Just a quick swab of its briefest briefs offers a window onto the Bromide of the Day, or, as Axios might feature it, "1 Big Thing" ("one" not being spelled out to project a determinedly ironic insolence toward boring letters). You get the picture -- or "Pic du Jour."

Today, following the president's highly effective SOTU perfornance last night, with its patriotic highs and episodes of hope and great tragedy, which the president empathetically interwove into the current state of our union (if only he had skipped that amnesty betrayal ...), Axios offers its run-down. Predictably, the emphasis is on "down". 

This in itself is not newsworthy. However, I was surprised by what seems to have most offended the Axios sensibility: 


Who would imagine that  "nuclear disarmament" was still uppermost on the Leftist mind? That's so 1980s, so Cold War, so Soviet disinformation. 

Along with the rest of the MAGA agenda, it still seems to me that it's Trump's determination to restore and increase America's nuclear arsenal that has made him such a potentially destablizing presidential prospect -- to Putin and other adversaries, of course, by some accounts, to his own Cabinet, and, I guess, to the good old American Left.

Some things never change.   



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