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Jul 2

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 02, 2008 11:53 AM 

Jordan, trying to extend the reach of sharia (Islamic law)  from the umma to  the West, is actually bringing criminal "FItna"-related charges against Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders (whom I interviewed on my travels  for this week's column to come). Alas, the Dutch government isn't reacting with the kind of "How dare you?" statecraft to stop this overreaching outrage in its tracks. So far, instead of setting off a loudly public round of righteous indignation and contempt, the Dutch government is promising a  "diplomatic" response, and hasn't even summoned the Jordanian ambassador.

First, let's stop and consider  what "justice" in Jordan means:

"Criminal" charges for freedom of speech abroad.

And basically misdemeanor charges for honor killings at home.

Wilders has been quoted as saying his charges show "how undemocratic the banana republic of Jordan is"--not to mention how immoderate. But what does the Dutch government reaction to his charges say about the Netherlands?








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