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Mar 1

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, March 01, 2018 10:18 AM 


If this hurts your head, good. 

We would seem to be looking at another in the series of "switches" I was talking about at CPAC last week in the CSP panel, "Whither Freedom." 

Hillary Clinton -- mother of Russian hypersonic missile technology, wife of Bill, father of the Chinese MIRV, and patron of the spying scandal "dossier" -- has the brazenness to tell us "the Russians are still coming," as if her entire career has not been devoted to weakening this democratic republic. What she is really doing, au fond, is whacking President Trump for his wanting to modernize the US nuclear arsenal. The audacity is almost literally mind-blowing -- Russian disinformation taken to rare heights.  

I first met and interviewed Geert Wilders ten years ago. He is the antithesis of Hillary Cinton in every way. As there is no greater champion or bona fide martyr of Western freedom and democratic principles, I will reserve judgment for now, although I will also hope Wilders is studying and mastering the history and techniques of Kremlin deception. 

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