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Mar 17

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, March 17, 2018 5:10 AM 


Earlier in the week, Sandy Rios of American Family Radio and I followed a couple of the Red Threads through the anti-Trump network working to frame and destroy the presidency of Donald Trump before it began. Listen here. 

There are so many to keep straight. For more background on the Stalin apologetics (yes, you read that right -- Stalin apologetics) of a central figure in the anti-Trump network, see "Nellie Ohr, Woman in the Middle" at The American Spectator here.  

The Red Thread series, now up to Part 8, examines Ohr and other conspirators in the anti-Trump network for "red threads." The series is linked together here.

Something that amazes me is that, nearly five years after initial publication, American Betrayal, setting forth long-denied, -obscured, and distorted historical background to real "Russian influence" on American presidents and Washington policy-making, has turned out to be a primer for understanding today's "Russian influence" headlines. 

What luck -- the audiobook, which I narrated myself, has just come out at Amazon, Audibles and I-Tunes. 



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