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Mar 18

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 18, 2018 5:48 AM 

I just peeked at Twitter and discovered that tonight, Sunday, March 18, at 8pm ET, Brooks Agnew, host of X-Squared Radio, will be re-broadcasting the American Betrayal interview he conducted with me just days after the book's release from St. Martin's Press in 2013. Brooks writes:

As I recall, our interview was scheduled for the first hour of the program, but it turned out there was no stopping our conversation as it gathered speed, so the interview ended up lasting for the entire three-hour-show. Listen tonight here.

I went back to an email I received after the show because I had found it especially illuminating for its neat encapsulation of what the hours of talking (already a distillation of the years of researching and writing) was all about. I will repost it today, as a preview of tonight's show. 

Hello Diana,

I've admired your clear-eyed analysis and writing for several years now, but tonight, after listening to the full three hour 
interview on X-Squared Radio regarding the substance of American Betrayal I'm really shocked at what you have revealed.

Essentially you are saying that ALL of post-1930 American geo-political, WW2, and Cold War history, as it has been presented, is a fiction. I've long believed that the narrative was a little too cut and dried, but I never imagined things could be as false as that. 

With what you have uncovered I believe you have just written the most important book in American history, and I hope America has the good sense to take heed and understand the implications for present day issues. ...

Kind accolades aside, there is nothing like having somebody else cut to the chase. It certainly caught my attention as an author and journalist, continually focused on documentation, explanation, and minutely calibrated elaboration. The fact is, this listener's comment is, indeed, the starkest rendition, the historical bottom line of American Betrayal. The moral/psychological impact of spinning and maintaining this web of lies -- "the secret assault on our nation's character" -- is the other signal theme of the book.

Five years later, I am, frankly, amazed to realize that American Betrayal has become something of a primer for the news of the current day. Our most up-to-the-minute set of news prompts -- "Russian collusion," "Russian meddling," and the rest -- are part of this same web of lies reconstructed and documented in the book. Having lost continuity with our past, supressed and distorted over decades of Marxist conditioning via "court history" and other streams of confusion, the key connections become virtually impossible to make today, as it seems an endgame nears. 

I hope that tonight's interview sparks new listeners to delve into such issues for themselves.


American Betrayal has just been released as an audiobook, narrated by the author, at Amazon, Audibles and I-Tunes.

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