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Mar 25

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, March 25, 2018 7:12 AM 


This extraordinary rendition by human hand and graphite pencil of John McCain is by William Davies, patriot, artist and friend. Bill attached it to a recent letter to the editor he wrote to his local paper in Syracuse, New York. I asked Bill if I could post the artwork along with his letter, not only to share and showcase Bill's enormous talents, but also to give a small platform at least to the enormity of American rage against Sen. John McCain on the POW/MIA issue, which our elites have successfully sealed off from the public square. 

Bill wrote this letter after the Russian election.

Dear Editor (Shared with Traitor John McCain),

Anyone with half a brain could realize the satire in President Trump's congratulations to Putin for another rigged win in an election not unlike unsuccessful Democrat efforts, even with the Justice Department and FBI on Hillary's side.

Sen. John McCain, blind to the satire in such a call to Putin, stated "an American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections.  By doing so Trump has insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election to determine their country’s future.” John McCain is the very last guy who should be allowed to criticize President Donald Trump, or anyone else for that matter, on such an issue. 

It's too bad John McCain never held the same concerns for his fellow prisoners! Sen. McCain, otherwise identified as "The Crown Prince" by the North Vietnamese, has never been required to answer why, in a 1991 Senator hearing regarding left-behind Vietnam War Prisoners of War, McCain rushed ino the arms of a Vietcong Colonel Bui Tin, who had been commander of a prison camp responsible for torturing and killing American prisoners!!!!!!! (photo below)

McCain for two years was not kept in a filthy bamboo cages along with  the rest of the American prisoners. "Songbird" McCain ensured he received special treatment by the enemy having repeatedly given them critical information. 

Some Vietnam War prisoners such as Ted Guy, having been released in 1973, worked hard until his death trying to expose John McCain for being the traitor he was and still is. John McCain as senator ensured his records and the records of all the rest of the prisoners will forever be locked up for safety purposes  - so that John (Manchurian Candidate) McCain will always be able to a play phony-wounded-hero (his wounds caused when ejecting) while calling the family members of those left behind "whiners," "vultures,"and "lunatic fringe."

William Davies


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