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Apr 24

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 1:53 PM 

An extremely neat theory from the blog Law of Markets by Steve Kates:

"The conspiracy to make Tim Kaine President"

Posted on April 14, 2018

I’ve always known this to be true: Comey: I Announced The Hillary Investigation Because Polls Showed Her Ahead.

The question is why would he do it? And the answer is that Obama and Comey were trying to craft an election outcome in which Hillary would be elected but would then have to resign, or at the very minimum step aside and then resign, because of the scandal related to her email servers. When it comes to Tim Kaine, you need to bear this in mind:

In November of 2005, during Obama’s first year in the Senate, Obama campaigned for Kaine in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Just over a year later, in February of 2007—as the Los Angeles Times reports—Kaine became the first statewide elected Democrat outside of Illinois to support Obama’s presidential bid against the Democratic heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons are not exactly known for their short memories. So how is it that someone who was among the first to break ranks with Hillary in 2007 was rewarded with the top prize that she could grant in 2016? Could it be that Clinton decided that the largely unknown Kaine was such a big political asset that she should let bygones by bygones? Or could it be that Clinton, who has tied herself to Obama and is highly dependent on his help in turning out the Democratic base, was told whom to pick?

They needed Hillary to win but needed a reason to then be able to push her aside.

So here is the wonderful irony. Donald Trump is President because of Obama and Comey, just as Hillary has so often said. And if you think this is all new, see my post from November 1, 2016: Raisin’ Kaine to the highest office in the land. Found here as well: I’ve worked out how it ends published three days later. Both posts are found in my blog diary of the 2016 election: The Art of the Impossible.

Comey says it. Hillary says it. But no one but them, and perhaps now you, understands what went on and how it all worked out.


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