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Apr 30

Written by: Diana West
Monday, April 30, 2018 4:31 AM 


This is not a prank. Axios, that instant-screenshot of lib media thinking, almost stoically reports that we are in for a "new Clinton wave this spring." Naturally, that means fund-raising -- as so very subtly conveyed in the greenback-green party invitation above Family Clinton has released. 

But could this be ... a dig? Axios:

Longtime Clinton supporters last week received an invitation offering access to the family ... at prices ranging from ... $2,500 ... up to $100,000 ...

Offering access at prices? The Clintons? Money? Is that nice?

The Elephant in the Access, however, is the Clinton Foundation (the Clinton Foundation????), which Team Axios skates by with blinkered aplomb -- no comment.

Ah, but look at little closer. The point of the Family Clinton "evening," according to the invitation, is "Benefiting the work of the Clinton Foundation." Not the Clinton Foundation, exactly, but the work of. What do you wanna bet it all depends on what the meaning of "work" is? 

Moving along, Axios dutifully relays a clutch of Clintoniana:

Hillary Clinton this morning will lead the first meeting of her Onward Together political group, on New York's Upper East Side. She and Howard Dean will welcome 11 partner organizations for a day of sessions "about harnessing the energy and activism post-election." In the afternoon, the groups have the chance to meet with 150 donors. Last year, OT had 33,000 donors and gave over $1 million to partner groups. The group says that figure will be higher for midterms this year.

President Clinton publishes a novel on June 4, co-authored with thriller writer James Patterson, "The President Is Missing" (preorder link). The two will appear together at BookCon, a massive booksellers' convention, at the Javits Center in New York on June 3. Tickets are already sold out. Then the pair have a multi-city book tour in June — together and separately. An eight-part series comes to Showtime in 2019.

Book con is right.

And Chelsea? Axios:

Chelsea Clinton is a prolific tweeter.


She has been repeatedly critical of the campaign memoir by the N.Y. Times' Amy Chozick, "Chasing Hillary," shouting out to people who comment on the book: "Hi Ana Marie! ... Thank you Max ... Hi Dan! ... Hi Katy! ... Hi Jeet! ... Hi Amy! ... Hi @amychozick!"

Axios continues, getting to "Why it matters." (Axios not only embodies the lib media screenshot -- sorry, mind -- it dispense kwik-wisdom):   

Why it matters. This family has been on the national stage for 26 years — all or most of the lifetime of anyone under 50. Chelsea Clinton, now 38, was 11 when her father, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, announced his entry into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in October 1991. He was 45 then; is 71 now.

Math skills, too.

Then, what Axios wanted to say all along.

Be smart: As the 2020 presidential race ramps up, plenty of top Democrats we talk to would prefer new energy and faces to Clinton nostalgia/redemption. 

Text and subtext: GO HOME.

Can you believe it? No sense of gratitude. Clearly, the fund-rasing is on the wall.

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