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May 31

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, May 31, 2018 6:40 AM 

Part 2 is here.

The evidence leading to the big Veselnitskaya "shocker" -- that the Russian lawyer was an informant for the Russian government all along -- was a set of her emails, which suddenly and anonymously appeared in the electronic dropbox of Dossier, an organization set up by Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, "the former tycoon" the New York Times tells us (not oligarch?), "who was stripped of his oil holdings, imprisoned and then exiled from his native Russia." 

Note that the release date of the Veselnitskaya story, April 27, 2018, is the same as that of the final report by the House Intelligence Committee on Russia. What do you say Agent Veselnitskaya story was a little "insurance" against the report being a blockbuster? Nice distraction, if necessary. 

On April 28, 2018, Bill Browder pops up on NPR to comment. 

SIMON: Let's start with the story of this lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. She told NBC, I am a lawyer. I am an informant for the Russian government - after claiming that she wasn't anybody's agent. You know her, right?

BROWDER: I know her really well. She was trying to repeal the Magnitsky Act, which I was very instrumental in passing. And she did a lot of terrible things in Washington and New York to try to do that. And she had always presented herself as some kind of private citizen. When she calls herself now an informant, I would say that doesn't go nearly as far as what she really is. She is an agent of the Russian government. And the emails that came out yesterday pretty much prove that. And so what we know now is that an agent of the Russian government, proven by emails, showed up in Trump Tower, trying to get Donald Trump Jr. to convince his father to repeal an anti-Russian Magnitsky sanctions act.

Maybe the host is supposed to say, AHA! But this is not an "AHA" moment.

Three of the four Russians at the Trump Tower meeting (at least) should be regarded as actual or potential Kremlin agents, which tells us we are looking at some kind of act by some kind of hostile penetration. Domestic (Clinton)? Foreign (Russian)? Both? Or were they just FBI "informants," too?

Given Akhmetshin's pipeline into Clintonworld via Edward Lieberman, plus what we now know of these Russians being also, politically speaking, on the Hillary team, and professionally not exactly strangers to the ways of Kremlin intelligence, we've got some dots that don't connect, not the way we're told. Remember, too, that Veselnitskaya had earlier been granted special immigration paraole  by Obama AG Loretta Lynch. 

Of course, there could be a perfectly rational explanation for all of this...

Back to the storyline we are supposed to stick to: 

SIMON: Now, Republicans on the House intelligence committee released that report this week, heavily redacted, saying that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. You believe they missed something?

BROWDER: Well, I actually don't believe either the Republicans or the Democrats when they produce these reports because these are not objective reports. Everybody is arguing their partisan interests.

How non-partisan and above it all -- why, no wonder Browder renounced his American citizenship -- so declasse, so bourgeois!

The "self"-made billionaire continued:

The one report I will believe will be the report of Robert Mueller. He's a totally impartial law enforcement investigator who will come to the truth, whether it was collusion or it wasn't collusion. But when a partisan group puts together a report, it doesn't really hold much credibility for me.

Rather than cue up a good, old-fashioned primal scream, I will note this short list of Mueller's "totally impartial law enforcement," and this epic peroration on same by Rep. Louie Gohmert 

Heed Browder's voice of agit prop. It is telling us what we need to know.



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