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Jun 27

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 6:20 AM 

Below is a wonderful email I received this week from a high school history teacher, whose name, school and even state are strictly classifed.

Let the counter-revolution begin where it counts, in the classroom.

Dear Ms. West,

I am nearing the end of American Betrayal and I cannot find the words to properly thank you for your efforts in bringing all of this to light.  A few years ago, I read Operation Snow by John Koster and had my blinders taken off regarding Harry Dexter White.  I read several of the books that set the record straight on Sen. McCarthy.  I'm a US history teacher (high school) - one of the few who isn't a socialist - and quickly updated my teaching regarding why the war between the US and Japan happened, and on the HUAC/Red-Scare (if I dare call it that now) period.  I had instructors in college (back in the 80s) who knew nothing about this.  Pre-Venona release.  Now, with your book, I'll be revising much of my teaching on the entire period from 1933 onward.  I thank you...for the additional work I'll be doing this summer.  I have a lot to correct it seems.  At the same time, reading American Betrayal is amazingly painful.  I love our country and seeing it used by Stalin and his agents to spread death, slavery and destruction around the world wounds me to the soul.  Regardless of that pain, the record must be set straight and the truth must come out.  All of the many socialists I teach alongside are not going to be happy.  I can't say I care, though.

I had just jumped into my car and turned on the Patriot Channel (SiriusXM) when I caught the end of an interview with you.  In just those few minutes - and I don't even recall who I was listening to - Webb, WIlkow, Levin - you convinced me to buy both your books.  Best money I have spent in a long time (and I haven't even started Death of the Grown-Up - but if it is anything like American Betrayal I feel confident in my assessment of its value).  I hope more radio, and dare-I-say TV, programs give you a forum.  I fear they won't.  I will do my best to get others to read American Betrayal and will tell as many people as possible about what you have brought into the light.  

Again, thank you so very much for your hard work and scholarship in putting American Betrayal together.  Just maybe, future generations will know the truth as a result of your efforts.




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