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Jul 4

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 04, 2018 3:16 PM 

I have wonderful Independence Day News to report from Beverly Perlson of Band of Mothers.

Beverly writes in with a July 3, 2018 update on Sgt. Derrick Miller, whose story readers of this website will be all too familiar with:  

Sgt Miller's mother, Renee Myers, received the phone call she's been waiting for! Derrick called his mother today and let her know he received a letter from the Army that his sentence is reduced to 20 years (from a life sentence!!!) and he is eligible for parole immediately! 

A parole packet must be completed and submitted, but for this brave Soldier, there is FINALLY a light at the end of this dark tunnel and there is no doubt, he is going home! I hope and pray very soon.

To all of you wonderful, caring Patriots out there who wrote letters and made calls on Derrick's behalf, God Bless Everyone Of You, and THANK YOU!  YOU all never let Derrick be forgotten. YOU fought for him, as he fought for us!  YOUR efforts made a difference in this Soldier's life!

Again, my deepest gratitude to Congressman Babin and Congressman Gohmert!  In the meetings we had with you, you promised to help Derrick and our Soldiers and YOU kept your promise.  In my book, you will forever be regarded as the "Soldier's Congressmen" and I hope your ears are burning, because this military daughter, sister and mother will never stop singing your praises.  I will never be able to thank you enough for your compassion and the hope you instilled in Derrick's parent's heart that day we met with you.  I honestly knew when we left your offices that something good was FINALLY going to happen for Derrick.  THANK YOU BOTH!  And Congressmen Babin, please thank your lovely wife!

To Carl, Jim, and Capt Larry Bailey, thank you for your help and support for Derrick.  To all those in the military and our Veterans on this email, you constantly prove that The Band of Brothers is the strongest bond on the planet.  You know each other and you know the situations and you NEVER abandon your Brothers.   

To Katie, Jeannie, Cindy and Chad, whenever a Soldier is in trouble, you are the folks I reach out to and you always come through.  There is a special place in Heaven for Patriots like you.  Thank you for all your help.  

To Derrick, what has happened to you is wrong.  What matters more than anything is that you NEVER doubt that American Patriots know that.  We will forever be grateful to you for your willingness to keep us safe and we are so very sorry that this happened to you.  Please never forget that throughout this whole ordeal, there were so many Americans outraged at your incarceration and we NEVER stopped fighting for you.  Our apologies to your mother, who raised a Warrior, and your family.  We pray that you go home very soon and your hearts will heal.  

To those who had a part in this decision to incarcerate Sgt. Miller, shame on you.  American mothers raise Warriors, and we raise them up to love their country so much so that they are willing to die to defend her.  They leave their families, and they risk their lives on a battlefield that should always be to their advantage, with the full force of their country behind them!  American mothers should NEVER see another Son sacrificed and punished on a battlefield to appease the enemy!  


My deepest gratitude to President Trump for his highest regard and reverence to our military.  Our military FINALLY has a Commander-in-Chief who holds them in the highest regard, and we are so very grateful. 

God Bless Our Veterans & Our Military, You all make our lives worth living!   May God Bless & Watch Over YOU!


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